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"Daddy's Little Princess" just grosses me out.

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I used to think the concept was so sweet until I had/have to live with it. It just grosses me out now. The baby talk. The constant doteing on her. The constant need for her attention and affection (and vise versa). The hyperactive and obnoxious behavior she gets away with when he is around. How he doesn't put his foot down with her. How he treats her like a precious, helpless little baby instead of nurturing her independence. She's almost 9 and anytime he is there its "DADDDYY DADDYY DADDYYYYYYY", she literally turns into a 3 year old. I hate being around them lately. I especially going in public with them where she absolutely OBNOXIOUS and is constantly all over him, because I can't get away and when I put my foot down I'm "mean". Thank God we only have one or two days a week together these days. Just wanted to vent.



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Thats why I dont go anywhere with skids anymore. I feel trapped, theyre embarrassing and soometimes when im stuck with them, I want to cry, run away, get a divorce.

Lucky for me I have a health condition and can say Im sick anytime and not go anywhere.

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It sucks cuz usually im not lying when i say i dont feel good but it does get me out of things

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Ugh yes. Anytime I see the daddy's girl crap on TV I want to vomit. Or start lecturing about emotional incest and enmeshment. I dont think I ever exactly thought it was sweet but I also didnt really think twice about it since its portrayed as normal. I basically refused to go anywhere with the both of them together since an incident last 4th of July but have been forced to lately since we are selling our house and all have to leave when a potential buyer is coming to look. I'm about at my limit with it because even though it's less often I have zero tolerance for the babying crap after dealing with it for so long so even a hint of it and I'm done.

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My brother can pull it off with my niece.  We were raised in a high affection high discipline home, and that’s how he operates, it’s genuine, and he doesn’t allow his daughter to be a nuisance.

 DH was raised in a low affection low discipline home.  His rendition of “daddy’s little girl” is not genuine and more for show, or just for his own benefit so he feels like he’s a good father.  It’s not done because he puts her first.  In truth, he’d rather she be occupied by screens than actually spend any time with her, and I think she knows this too, at least on a subconscious level or she wouldn’t be trying so hard to keep his attention (which is extremely annoying for everyone around them).

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Little girls can just be too adorable for words.  But that is not a good thing if it means letting them get away with murder-  especially when it bleeds over to older girls and women. Whether it is a COD or a child from an intact family girls/women should not be treated as being entitled.  



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she’ll bang our doors when we have hubby/wife time in early morning with our toddlers sleeping in our room at hubbys family home in another state and its daddy daddy daddy until he comes out and its a dragged out but loud daddy and anytime dad tells her something smart about how to handle her life like work jobs and education since hubby is very educated and a snr vp nationally for his company and very successful while bio mum is uneducated, its in a sudden cute voice “very well dad” in their language except she stupidly goes against it and does dumb shit things that even a foreigner knows more stuff about. She quits anything because she doesn’t know how to fight for her legal rights and stand up to bosses doing illegal things, she just quits her job and blames the boss 100%. Yeah she’ll really make it in her career. Her current job she started about 2 months ago, she’s not on the field but when it gets rough, i expect she’ll quit and not toughen up

then she and her 14yr old sister think they dictate what can and can’t be done with my toddlers against my strict instructions they still feel they have veto power to say no so when they answer me back saying they’ll go against my wishes which is when they get a long sarcastic NOOOOOOOOOO which prompts hubby to step in and side with me 100% because only i should have veto power if it was me alone with the kids and hubby knows i know 100% better than skids whats best for our kids since he’s at work and on call 24/7.

i refuse any visits to family events and outings if all skids especially sd’s are there. I feel if next time hubby suggests a meet out or mini getaway with his girls and ss, since me and our toddlers are hubbies distraction for the dysfunction his kids represent (aka splitting image of batshit crazy bio mum) that hubby gets strict instructions the moment they question my authority regarding my kids, i am grabbing our toddlers and walking off. If they mention bio mum and stepdaddy even once during our meets, i am walking off and leaving with our kids. This will force hubby to address this shit.

i am hubbys wife, he divorced the ex because she is batshit and i know the skids know this but are too brainwashed and dumb to see and admit it and go out of their way to make bio mum and stepdad important and relevant when they are not in our family. The mention of constant daily reporting of bio mum and stepdaddy is noise pollution for me

its such a shame because our toddlers miss their cousins, aunts and uncles and i have to choose to not go because i want to avoid stepkids and i know if we go, that i will get to a point where i will take off and hubbys family will see me as the bad person when its really the skids and our family members getting married shouldn’t have their special day ruined so i choose to stay home for my sanity.

thank god i’m moving back to my country in under 4 months time as our kids will be schooling there, hubby won’t last it a few years in his country, he’ll want to move. He’s fedup with the skids

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I think it's sick and disgusting. And I think it sets up women in a bad way. We are not princesses. 

My brother did this with his stepdaughter. To be fair, every time I was around her she was beautifully behaved, so it didn't encourage bratty behaviour. But that girl is going to need to be strong given her out-of-control BiPolar mother. I'd rather he praised her for the many, many good things she actually did rather than the princess/ baby-doll nonsense. 

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Boundaries and places, people!
The princess/regressive nonsense fails and outgrows the cute test at around 5.