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Anyone a member of boys and girls club

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I have a question for anyone who is a member of the boys and girls club. The state that they are a drop in center for kids and even have transportation services from the schools to the different clubs. That parents are required to pick up their kids by the time the club closes.

It sounds like really basic child supervision? Not like full blown daycare or anything like that but say our kids get out of school at 3:00 but parents cant at the school to pick up they could ride the van to boys and girls club and hang out there for an hour or so with their peers with very limited but some supervision. 

I just can't tell from there website and the only fees listed seem way to low to be what it seems to be?


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They stayed at school and the counselors provided organized oversight for a few hours until parents picked up their kids.  They did homework oversight, organized activities, and outside free play.  

It was very reasonable price wise.

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Killjoy went there after school,  it is legit.   They even had homework tutors.  They are subsidized by the United Way.