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BM’s games ramp up again

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So DH has gone back to work which means soon I'll be I'll be ramping up my study again soon too and the skids will be back to school. 

But there's still 3 more weeks of holidays and that means BM will have to pick them up at our place when he's at work. Now, she is a manipulative HC narcissist that LOOOVES playing twisted mind games with my DH. It's been on and off with her actions for over 5 years. She abuses him in texts and impossible to communicate about anything important regarding the skids and yet in person seems quite happy to stand in his presence and leer at him. She's probably smiling but all we see is her demon pointy teeth. She is almost successful with PASing out SD to herself too. 

I've already said to DH I'm happy have the skids at home in my care while he's at work. It's only 3 days with both SD and SS and lately they have been occupying their minds and have really been minimal trouble. Especially now SD is here less, SS is a breeze to look after as he's 10 and looks after himself. After the fiasco with SD texting BM behind our backs causing a massive drama, DH has taken her phone away and SS iPad when he's at work and said 'No screens today'.  Thank god that happened because the next day when SD was gone I turned her phone on just to see if BM texted her and she had with an old memory photo of SD as a baby wearing DH cap saying 'Aww look how cute you were!!' Omg seriously? She couldn't wait to show SD this later? No she had to text it to her on her phone knowing DH will look at it. She's so insecure of our DD2 and it's  all a big competition in her twisted head that the baby girl they had together was cuter. I love giving BM no audience and the no response from her precious baby would have pissed her off. Oh and I cannot wait for her to find out we are expecting again. Last time I was pregnant she manipulated and alienated SD all to herself and kept her from DH for weeks. 

I noticed she's been coming to the door picking up the skids wearing mini skirts and crop tops with her head lice filled hair all down. DH even said to me doesn't she wait in the car? And I shrugged and said I probably pissed her off with you putting her back in her Demon cave she crawls out of and she's just trying to ruffle feathers with trying to overstep boundaries. 

DH wasn't back from work yet and BM waited until the end of the afternoon to come pick up her precious SD.. I think hoping to catch DH? Going by her last texts on how 'unsafe SD feels around Floral' wouldn't she want to be at our place first thing to pick her up? Who knows the games this demon wench plays.. but I hugged SD goodbye before she opened the door and when she did I heard her haggard voice say 'hi babbbby' and immediately shut the door behind SD and in BMs face. Gtfo my porch demon. I should burn sage in a pot when she approaches the door this afternoon to get SS. Just to make sure her negative energy doesn't seep under my door frame. 

I don't give BM the satisfaction of me looking at her so no idea what she looked like that day. If DH isn't home in time when SS leaves I'll be doing the same thing. Shutting the door immediately behind him after saying goodbye beforehand. Even if she brings SD to the door I just don't want to engage. DH has told me he will try and get home early so I don't have to deal with that but I shrugged and said well the solid timber door does the work for me. I just don't understand why she all of a sudden gets out of the car and walks to the front door? DH doesn't do that he stands at his car and waits for the skids to run out and she used to do the same. Ugh I cannot wait for school to go back. 


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I remember those games.  One time I told DH to lock the deadbolt loudly so she'd hear it.  Lol.  He did.  

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Haha I wish I had one of those large iron fences she can't get past and has to ring a bell to let us know she's skulking out there. 

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Oh no she doesn't?---she walks in your HOME? I'd would check with your local police department regarding no tresspassing signs???--When she shows UP call the police. 

I have said this before on here---Honestly I don't know how you all put up with the texting bs from high conflict bm's. Ours was never given our private cell phones,,,nor were skids. A Judge told our BM IF she had to contact dh she had to send it in the mail. As in the postal system. Thank GOD for that Judge.  We have never received one piece of mail from bm from that day forward.

No one can make you listen to voice mails either. Did you know that?

Get a cheap flip phone that has no texting capability. Tell bm here is the new telephone number for her to call in the case of an emergency. Then block her a** from your private cell.  Your providing access, just not the way bm wants it, 

IF IF IF needed, sign up for OFW or equivalent. 



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Well she doesn't walk INTO my home, just walks up to the front door and hovers at the door frame. It's really annoying hence why I just shut the door on her face.  As DH said, she's pushing boundaries. That isn't a bad idea just getting a cheap ass phone purely to text her from. She doesn't know my personal number thank god. The skids aren't allowed to contact me at all from any devices at her house anyway. Plus SD doesn't even contact DH while she's at BMs as the enmeshment over there is just so toxic.