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The Step-daughter is 34 and she called to remind my husband that we have to get her new boyfriend a Christmas present. Then went on to tell my husband how she might not have my present for our Christmas exchange because it hasn't been delivered yet. She has known about this exchange for over a month. The date of the exchanged was actually pushed two days closer to Christmas because of course the 35 yr old step-son couldn't make the other date. So, if we actually kept the actual date she would have showed up with no present for me but, we better have one for her new boyfriend.

Christmas Photo Cards

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Looking for thoughts on Christmas photo cards. I always send out a family photo, minus his adult children. They have never lived with us and have always been adults since I've been in the picture. Both his son/35 and daughter/34 have mentioned how they are not in the picture. So, being the thoughtful person I am I thought to create a card with pictures throughout 2011 for special events. His son married, mine graduated college... However, as I was trying to do this I have not found one picture from something his daughter attended with the family.