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Endless Daily annoyance build-up

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SS is finally back to school, after he reported he had a sore throat and was put on a Covid isolation (aka sent home to do nothing). He of course doesn't have covid. (tested) In fact he doesn't even know what a sore throat is supposed to feel like. He'd however always exaggerate for the sake of attention. It's really annoying I don't know how much longer I can tolerate. (if he gets a paper on the fingers he'd at like he lost a limb)

To be honest I don't know why I detest SS sitting at home doing nothing so much. I don't see him while I work, and I pretty much avoid our schedule to have the minimum interaction possible (so unhealthy, I know). It's almost like just being under the same roof drives me nuts. Or perhaps I know, because I fear I will be stuck with him forever working my arse off for his mere existence. 

Tops with his endless lies...and that he wonders why we are often upset with him. Just last night we learned that he had been missing a month-worth of homework for one of his class. This is after daily check-ins to make sure he turn in his homework, and the trust DH has in him (I no longer check SS's work for this part, he's after all a high schooler). 

But of course with so little capability, he thinks he gets to mansplaining things to me. Such as how computers work and all. Mind you, I work in high tech, and I design software, speak 3 languages, with 2 masters degrees. But no, he knows more lol.

I get that teens are mostly a-holes, and I get that autistic kids have problem communicating. How can one be so unlikeable but still thinks everyone's at fault?

So much rant, I feel horrible. I'm in a dark place now and I apologize for sounding like an a-hole myself. I needed to vent this out so I have the engery to focus on stuff that matters :/


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Hi, Your ss sounds like my sd20. I moved in to a new home with her dad when she was 10. She never accepted me and always wanted to break us up so that her BM could get back together with him. They never told her that BM cheated on DH with his best friend, who was also married. So THAT ship had SAILED. SD was sullen, selfish, spoiled, demanding, shallow, money-grubbing and rude. I am pretty sure she is a sociopath, since she never cared about anyone but herself. She once sat on the train tracks (RR ties that stick out) with her headphones on after we told her not to.We were fishing with her little sisters at a lake, and she kept complaining but didn't want to participate. Well, the train came and we turned around because she was screaming "DADDY!!" and there was a train going behind her, making her hair fly out from the crosswind. We freaked out and ran up the hill and pulled her to safety. She was 16 at the time. We were in shock for awhile but she went right on whining about how she hates the outdoors and her feet hurt, etc. I still shudder when I think about that. I don't think she realized how close she came to being dead. 

Fast forward a year and she was upset that she had to do chores at our house. I would ask her why she didnt' mop the kitchen like she was supposed to, and she would say "I don't know how." So I would say, "Ok. I can show you how to mop again. Come on over." She would huff and eye roll and do a piss poor job. So she went to Daddy and told him "Leave your girlfriend and go back to Momma or I will never speak to you or come over here again." He told her "No." and she moved in full time with her BM. I have never been so relieved! She moved in with her girlfriend at 18 and then 2 years later her girlfriend got caught cheating on her with a guy. I am hoping that she doesn't have the audacity to ask him for money or try to move in with us, as I will not tolerate that. It sucks when skids go bad...