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Graduation update... I'm done!

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I wanted to update everyone who responded to my post about whether or not I should go to my sd's graduation without being invited Well, we did end up getting an invite the week of the graduation. The bm had texted me on Monday asking for my address (which the kids already had) and so I gave it to her along with my mother's since she also lives in town.

High School graduation next weekend. Should I go?

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I have a major dilemma right now. I've known my two step-children since they were 2 and 4 and love their father dearly. In the beginning, our relationship with his ex was okay and co-parenting wasn't too terrible. We split the kids 50/50 having them every other week. I desperately wanted my own child but sadly my husband's vasectomy reversal was unsuccessful. Since I was already parenting my two step-kiddos, I fully embraced the job of mom and loved and cared for them as my own.