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Today’s rendition of SDiablas

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SDiablas need a favor that DH is unable to fulfill. As I was walking out the door I heard SDiabla ask DH "What is Elea doing today?" 
No, I am not available to be your chauffeur SDiablas. You made zero effort to spend time with me this entire week. I do not care if you are bored today. I know DH dedicated his week to your diabla highnesses but I am not your mama. Remember? 


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You are ROCKING this! I am proud of you; been following your blogs.


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Thanks but I am becoming exhausted by the passive aggressive tactics. 
I am sure from DH's perspective it is wonderful that SDisbla is showing interest in spending time with me despite the fact that it is just for a favor grab. Those rose colored glasses are thick. At the same time he just took a shot of rum. 
I actually am trying to keep a window open to that SDiablas will want to work at a relationship but I just can't get past the "We're trying to deal with her" comment. That sure doesn't sound sincere in any way and even worse, their behavior matches the insincerity. I am disappointed in my DH even entertaining their BS. 
SD's need to go back to their own houses NoW. 

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Stay strong.  These diablas are really something.

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well yay for you!!!!

SD16 Power Sulk actually approached me about doing chores for money, actually in exchange for a 25 dollar target gift card. So she could buy her friends stuff because they bought her stuff...she never ever helps me or offers to do ANYTHING, so Ive disengaged. Good for you - no more being used...

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At least she didn't demand the money without any chores.  Haha.  

PS I guess B/M hasn't shipped much lately, with inflation I guess her friends are getting one piece of bubble gum each LOLOL.