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The self-centered,

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pushy, demanding, attention hog, step-diablas 26&24 are FINALLY out of my house. I forgot what energy, joy sucks they are. Yuck! 
If my marriage ever falls apart ... You all know what happened. Good Lord!!! 
Time to celebrate ... I am exhausted. I am not saying a word to DH about their overextended time here. I have no more f's to give. 


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You made it!  Once you get rested up, see if DH understands the dynamic.  But, today rest!!  You did it!

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After saying not a word about their horrid behavior I have realized that I have a lot more power in silence than in fighting about SD's with DH. He can't ignore how bad they are when he alone is the one that carry's their drama with him 

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You did it, the darkness is gone. I say you make today a day of celebration. Make your favorite meal, listen to your favorite music, savor your joy!

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Meh dry january. Im sure you meant january 2024  Wink

You lived to tell, now enjoy the quiet.


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Im trying to do a dryish january. LOL.

Glad you got the light back in your life Biggrin

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 just a little celebratory coffee ... now back to dry 

Best wishes for a dryish January! We can do this :)