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Perfect example of cleanliness comfort levels

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I told DH that either he or SD26 would need to clean the guest house before she pisses off so this morning SD26 walks in the door and hands DH some towels. She says, "Here I washed these towels. I think they are yours."  She hands the towels to DH, DH replies "Those are towels for the dog."  SD cheerily relies "They are clean now!" DH says "thanks"

Here is where SD and I differ. My response to that I just washed all my bathroom towels and sheets (from the guest house) with dog towels is not "The dog towels are clean now." My response is "My good bath towels and sheets are dirty now, need to be rewashed and covered with dog fur!" 
Why is SD so gross? I told DH just before this happened that next time just have her strip her sheets and towels and put them in the laundry basket and we will take care of them. I KNEW she is too gross to be trusted with the washing. 


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I've washed my dog towels with regular.. they came out clean.. but maybe my dog sheds less.. I guess run your regular towels through again if there is a concern. 

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My dog has thick long fur that sticks to everything like it's Velcro and yes, he sheds like crazy

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Isn't it amazing how many of us step parents have issues with skids when it comes to laundry? 

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I think whether dog towels should be washed separately is a point on which reasonable minds could differ.  At least she washed the towels - based on your posts, that surprises me.  How did the rest of the place look after she left?

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She actually did a decent job of tidying before leaving. She isn't ALL bad all the time, just most of the time. DH told her to tidy up and she did as instructed. 
She didn't fall far from BM's tree with her cleaning style. Before company arrives they shove clutter in an overstuffed, disorganized closet or drawer. At first glance things look alright but as soon as you look a little more closely you realize every door handle and surface is covered in sticky grime and crumbs, dishes are greasy and still have food stuck to them. Opening a closet is likely to end in an avalanche, open a drawer and you may never get it closed again. There is no deep clean and no real organization system. Cleaning is ONLY for appearances, superficial. Just like her personality. This is the way they were taught. I had to rewash every dish SD's "washed" while they were here.

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oh boy this brings up some of my own mother's issues. She used to wash her horse and dog towels along with the people towels. And they STANK!  ALL of them. My sister and I had to either wash our towels alone with our own laundry or hold our breath while drying off. The last time I visited my parents for an overnight I founds she was STILL doing this - just awful. They should be kept separate; towels for people vs. towels for animals.

Yes 3


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I am definitely in the wash animal towels separately from people towels camp. My dog is big and smelly. I discovered Lysol sanitizer liquid and I LOVE that stuff! Kills the germs and eliminates odor.

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Yeah I would definitely not put my dogs towels and bedding in the same load as our bedding and towels. I put my DH's work clothes in a seperate load too just incase (he's a tradie) dust and dirt get onto my clothes. I would also just prefer the linen and towels to be left in the laundry and me do it so I know it gets done properly. Lol I once asked SS to get washing out of the dryer and he looked at me like I sprouted a second head. 'Um how do I open it? Do I need to press anything?' I ask SD empty the dishwasher and she's like 'How do I pull the dishes out?' Oh man they haven't been shown anything and I know they have no idea how to put anything back. 

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SD26 "helped" DH unload the dishwasher. (She won't unload it by herself, only as daddeee's helper.) I am still finding dishes in every odd nook and cranny. I understand she doesn't know our system ... but she could ask?