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The show continues

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About a week ago, SD calls DH and she wants to come live here.  I was sitting next to DH when she called.  He told her that she couldn't come here.  She was sobbing and crying.  She then told him that she was pregnant and she didn't want to be pregnant.  She told him that BM was going to take her to the Dr. and she didn't want to go. She states that BM said she was going to kick her out and that she will live in a homeless shelter.  DH told her again that she couldn't live here.  

A day or so passes and SD calls DH and tells him that BM has kicked her out.  Keep in mind that she is 17 years old, BM can't legally do that, and BM knows she can't.  DH believes SD. I told DH that he should call BM at this time but he didn't.  DH knows that he can't bring SD here so he calls BM's Bio Daughter age 24.  BM's Bio Daughter agrees to take in SD.  

BM's BIo Daughter isn't speaking to BM right now.  They are in a custody/visitation battle with Bio Daughter's kid.  Bm's Bio daughter buys SD a pregnancy test.  I am not sure if anyone has seen it or not but DH said that the test was positive.  SD stated that she had sex 2 weeks before taking the test.  I told DH that if she had sex 2 weeks ago, I wasn't so sure that she would get a positive just yet.  Unless she had sex Christmas Eve night.  BM sent DH a text message to ask if SD was with him around 10 PM on Christmas Eve.  SD wasn't with DH.

DH and BM's BIo daughter believe SD,  They haven't spoken to BM at all about the situation.  I am really not sure why DH hasn't called BM.  DH has told me multiple times that he knows SD lies but each time something like this happens, he believes her.  

DH finds out that SD was suspended from school again.  AGHHHH, now I get it.  The pregnancy was used as a cover-up for the school suspension.  SD has a way to invent a bigger crisis so everyone forgets about the smaller one.  SD upsets BM, BM tries to punish SD, SD plays the victim, and SD expects dear ole daddy to come to the rescue.  

I am still not sure if SD is pregnant or not.  DH doesn't seem to be too concerned about it.   I did mention earlier that BM's BIo Child is in a custody battle with BM.  BM's BIo Child doesn't want her child around SD.  She is afraid that SD will invite strange guys over.  SD learned that behavior from Bm's BIo Child.  She was doing the same thing when she was SD's age.  Since she tagged teamed with DH and brought SD to her house for the weekend, I am not so sure a judge is going to buy that excuse.  

Keep in mind SD cried rape back in July.



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Good Christ I'm hoping BM was taking her to planned parenthood. I've got nothing other than I hope it's not true and if it's not, I hope one of her parents takes her to get the damn depo shot stat and then gets her into some sort of mental healthy facility until she's at least 25.

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since the "rape", she was on the Depo Shot.  I thought BM was putting her on it.  I am really not so sure she is pregnant since DH hasn't talked to BM to discuss it. I am almost convinced that she created the pregnancy to avoid the consequences of the school suspension.  

I really do not understand why SD gets so upset over school suspensions.  She is a pro at getting suspended.  Her punishment for getting suspended is just BM getting upset with her. It isn't THAT bad at all.

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Your DH sure does love to "come to the rescue" when it comes to SD, doesn't he? He's really not doing her any favors. He's just teaching her that she can get herself in deep doo-doo and someone else will bail her out.

If BM kicked her out, why couldn't SD call her own sister? DH could have just said, "Wow, that sounds tough. Maybe call your sister? Good luck with everything, love you." (Although - she is 17, and he could be on the hook with CPS just as much as BM is). 

Maybe a few nights in a homeless shelter would do her some good.

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I actually told DH that he should have stayed OUT of it and he should have never dragged the sister into it or he could have called BM to find out the WHOLE story before he did anything.