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SD has a job

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SD, age  will be working as a waitress again.  She wanted DH to leave from work today to take her to the job interview.  He didn't take her.  He didn't get the message in time to leave work.  She got a ride with someone else.  She told him BM wasn't going to take her. I am not sure if BM said she wouldn't take her or if BM was busy and couldn't take her. SD lies.  She likes to tell DH that BM will not do something for her and DH will just jump to the chance to do it because BM wasn't going to do it. I guess it makes him feel like he is the better parent or something.  To me, it just makes him look so desperate for SD's attention.

Keep in mind that we was working as a waitress a few months back and she couldn't handle it because it was TOO stressful.  She quit  in less than 90 days. She worked at Fast Food  Place for a day or two but she quit it because too stressful also.   I am just curious to see how long she works at this new place.

DH told her that he wasn't paying anymore for her phone.  He did pay over  $100.00 for a prepaid phone and prepaid plan. We do not have a joint account. He can spend his money any way he wishes. She manipulated him into buying it for her.  She couldn't call him, she couldn't call college, and she couldn't get a job without a phone.  She didn't need a phone. BM has a phone she could use for college and work. She communicates with DH through social media.  She has a computer.  She will only get into more trouble by having a phone. I am just waiting for that phone call from BM that says SD met some guy online and has ran off to be with him.  It is scary but it wouldn't surprise me at all.

DH has taken off work in August to help her move into the college dorm I wanted so much to tell him that he may want to save some days at work to help her move out before the semester is over but I do keep my mouth shut.  DH can find out all on his own.  I am almost 99% sure, she will not make it through the first semester without getting kicked out. 


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She is majoring in English Literature so she can be a "College Professor".  

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Oh yes, it is going to be interesting to see how this goes.