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Update on SD and mental hospital

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SD should be released today from the mental hospital.   BM told DH a few days ago that SD may be calling him from there.  SD hasn't called and DH was never given the number to the hosptial.  The staff didn't want parents reaching out to SD and would allow SD to call the parents if she wanted to talk to them.  I am unsure if BM received a call from her. 

I would only hope that the stay would be able to help her.  If it is like the last 5 or 6 times she was admitted, it will just be a waste of money.  

I am almost certain that once SD is home she will reach out to DH.  DH has her phone.  She will either reach out to DH to get her phone back or steal BM's credit card to order another phone.  I guess it will determine how angry she is with DH if she contacts him about the phone.

DH is very sad and is questioning himself if he did the right thing by calling the police.  I keep telling him there was nothing else he could do.  She was out of control and you couldn't calm her down.  She was threatening to hurt other people and herself.  



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Of course he did the right thing. What else could he have done in that moment?  Your SD truly has some major personality/mental health issues. In less than a year, jail is where the police will take her.  DH should do all he can now (which I know is limited) to get her the help she needs.  She really could use a residential treatment program.

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They don't actually cure you in a mental hospital/psychiatric ward - it is where they take people in crisis so they will be safe.  

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Right. The skunk ape would fake being crazy just so she could go to them and get out of work. Well except for this one that was run (if I remember correctly) by a Catholic organization. They pushed her to work and do things and she didn’t like that and never wanted to go back to that one. DH insisted she have a job because they couldn’t survive with Little Idiot and BM’s other son on just one income. The Skunk Ape hates work more than anything so she would fake both medical emergencies (pretend to pass out) and psychotic breakdowns (she took off across the apartment complex in her bath robe once - DH and his dad found her swinging in a park later). She never got better from these places

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I have stated that for awhile.  It is just a waste of money to go for a few days.  BM has really tried to get her help or at least she says.  DH can't do anything because he doesn't have joint legal custody.  He agreed to BM having full custody when they divorced.  SD was around 3 or 4 at the time.  DH was Naive and didn't want the courts involved and BM took care of everything including getting full legal and physical custody with DH seeing SD as agreed upon by both parties.  She had already went through the custody issue before so she knew exactly how to screw over dh and he allowed her to do so. DH has never gotten the regular visitiation with her.