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A couple of Updates...Santa, Please

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bring me a boyfriend for what SD, age 17, posted on social media.  A little background,  SD claimed she was raped a few months back. Now, she wants Santa to bring her a boyfriend.  I am praying for the next victim (AKA boyfriend).  This was not the first time she cried rape. She has been "raped"  3 or 4 times in less than a year.

BM has admitted that SD was never diagnosed with bipolar by a Dr.  BM thinks that she has it and she can't seemed to get any of the drs on board with her.  SD has seen almost every dr in this town and a few drs in other nearby towns. She has seen medical drs, counselors, and psychiatrists.   BM only told the group home that SD was diagnosed so they would take SD.  I would actually think they would have checked it out with the dr but who knows.  SD is on so many drugs that it really scares me.  She has a depression medication, anxiety medication, and at least two different ADHD meds that DH knows about.   I am sure there are others.  

SD has been whinning and moaning because she isn't going to go to the college that she wanted. Of course, SD thinks it is because her parents are not going to pay for it but SD would have never been able to get into that college due to HER GRADES and HER BEHAVIOR.   BM was so busy trying to keep DH out of a romantic relationship in the CO that she forgot to mention that DH should pay half of all college expenses.  I am sure BM could take DH back to court to see if it would be awarded.  BM has an older son that she tried to take his BD back to court for half of college expenses and it didn't work out for her. I am not sure exactly what happened there but it wasn't awarded at all.  Of course,  we should NEVER EVER expect a SKID to acutually pay their own way to college.  I am sure we are very close to another full blown break down from SD.  

BM's BD, age 24, not DH's kid.  She does communicate with DH from time to time especially if she isn't getting along with BM.  Somehow BM got joint custody of BM's BD kid (age 5) when he was born.  BM's BD has been mad at BM for a few years now.  She has decided to take BM to court and had BM removed from joint custody.  She did that and BM was awarded 1 day a week visitation.  BM's BD decided that she wasn't going to obey the court order.  BM filed a show cause.  DH told BM's BD NOT to mess with BM.  Well, BM won.  BM's BD was scolded pretty bad in front of the judge. All of you know that show causes really do not mean much of anything but it really scared BM's BD.  Now, she says she is going to make BM  Good luck with that one.  On the plus side, BM is so occupied with her that she is leaving DH alone for now.  BM's BD is so much like BM and I am not fond of her at all.  BM's BD is making BM pay by NOT revealing the gender of her baby that is due in the Spring.  She had a gender reveal party (I hate those things) and invited a lot of BM's friends to it.  She wants everyone to be quite and not tell BM.  YEP,  that is going to work so well.  I am almost certain BM knew the sex within a few seconds of it being revealed. 







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Gads. Santa, please give that girl some sort of social plague that causes boys to RUN LIKE HELL when they see SD. Until she gets some major reprogramming.

There is something seriously warped in SD's head. I cannot believe that no one has been able to find anything. Maybe they should all get together, compare notes, and have a group session: 853 doctors/therapists and SD. 

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I think SD needs to ask for a psychiatric evaluation, medication, and therapy instead! (Maybe they can get a hoilday 2 for 1 special and BM can get some too!)

LOL- if only!