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BM & SD21 are threatening DH if he doesnt pay medical bills to confiscate his $1000 boat

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Looks like the honeymoon is over with for BM & now she is coming after DH once again for SD21 medical bills. Apparently SD21 couldnt find a way to pay for her medical bills. Story on medical bills is that SD21 wouldnt go to an approved doctor in our medical plan while away at college & now the medical bills are preventing SD21 from reentering college in a few weeks. SD21 has made no effort to get a job to pay for her own bills as a result of her ignorance to how our medical plan works. DH & BM divorce decree does not cover who is responsible for medical bills after 18, it just outlines that DH is responsible for medical insurance while they are full time college students. BM & SD21 threatened that they would find a way to take his $1000 boat-its like 25 years old if he doesnt pay the bills. Also, BM threatened DH to take hime to court if he doesnt pay the medical bills. Does this sound to anyone else here like complete nonsense? Does anyone else besides DH & I think that SD21 should pay for her own medical bills since she didnt use the insurance properly. In DH divorce decree it clearly states that if medical bills are incurred outside of DH medical insurance, BM will be liable!!!


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DH is required to cover the kids - however, BM won't use his insurance to cover SD because then we would get an EOB and would have a clue has to what is going on in her life. She would use it on SS as DH retained full custody of SS in the divorce but he went to live with BM in the 9th grade. We'd get the EOB and have to call to find out what was going on. SS is now 22 and a full time student (if taking 12 hours makes you full time) and has no idea how the insurance works. He goes to the eye doctor she sends him too - not on our plan - same with the dentist. We have incredible insurance and if SS was smart he'd quit wasting his $$ but he doesn't so oh well not my problem. I've told him about it and he chooses not to use it or ask about so he or she can pay for it.

But I do have 1 question - I'd be tempted to let them take the boat and either get a new one or then report it stolen.

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well if she misses this semester, than she is not a full time student and dh isn't responsible for her medical coverage anymore..

and if the little brat went to a doctor outside of the network, increasing the fees ten fold then she should be responsible... tell her you'll pay the $50 it would have been had she stayed in network...

the boat --- have dh put it in your name, then they can stick their threats to take his boat and stick it up their ass..

i have never been to a doctor that doesn't make sign a form saying i am responsible for any outstanding debt not covered by insurance ~ can your college skid not read?

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Let them 'confiscate' the boat - then call the police and report it as stolen. They'll have more than just unpaid doctor bills to deal with - posting BAIL $ for theft!

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"In DH divorce decree it clearly states that if medical bills are incurred outside of DH medical insurance, BM will be liable!!!"

Let her take him to court, looks like she will have to pay for court and pay the medical bill.

Taking the boat is just funny, I'd definately report it stolen if it comes up missing. Your husband is not really taking that threat seriously is he?

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Complete nonsense. All DH has to do is provide the insurance. Not pay the bills too. I would have your DH to tell them to take him to court. A judge would laugh at this. She chose not to go to a doc in your plan that is her problem. Not yours. Also, she is 21 years old, when does she start being responsible.

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Complete nonsense. SD is 21. Her medical bills are her problem. More so since your DH provides medical insurance that SD refused to use.

As for the boat ..... BM and SD are idiots if they think they will be able to take DHs property or put leins upon his property.

They are just yanking DHs chain.

They are obviously too stupid to comprehend how rediculous they are being.

I would not worry about it.

Best regards,

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BM & SD21 threatened that they would find a way to take his $1000 boat-its like 25 years old if he doesnt pay the bills

What?! My DD is 21 and if she ever said something like that to me, it would be an all out brawl. Did SD put this in writting?

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Ignore them. If they take the boat, take BM and grown child to criminal court for larceny and trespassing. Make sure you have all your papers regarding the boat, ownership and insurance responsibilities in a safe place. Let them spin and spin if they want. I would have said pay the bill so she could reenter college but at this point, doing that is telling them that their behaviour is acceptable, and that is not acceptable. What a wonderful lesson for mother to pass to daughter - if you cant get something legitimately, then steal it. Bravo mom.