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We’re home from vacation…what's new?

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Not much, yet. the Leech is still living in our house. *sigh… plans are now seriously being made to get him out, because I am taking over

I am arranging to have a cleaning crew clean Uncles House. It’s like a bio-hazard in there and if the step-grandbaby is going to be there, I don’t want him in the five inches of dust and goodness only knows what floating around in the air

Once the house is cleaned, Leech is supposed to fix the toilet in the bathroom and then move in. if that doesn't happen, I will either go and fix it myself or I'll hire someone to do it

(yay, the countdown begins)

Every time we go out of town for more than 24 hours, something either gets broken or goes missing in our house…

Came home this time to find a big scratch across my glass top stove… Leech was trying to clean it… I LOVE my glass-top stove, but they’re work to keep clean and you have to watch what you use on it…he spilled something that burnt on and he used a spatula to scrape it up!

Went into the powder room downstairs and realized something was amiss… we have three light houses in there… they were gone!

I finally got a hold of him again face to face and said “what happened to the light houses in the bathroom?”

“I put them in the closet”
Because they were taking up room

They’re not YOURS to move, Leech!

Here (goes to closet, takes them out)

Gee.. thanks, next time you want to redecorate the house, try asking first

No answer

I am just waiting to find out what else is either missing or broken… I have my fingers crossed that whatever damage is done is the end of it

Oh and Leech “cleaned” while we were gone… well, I guess he attempted to clean. The kitchen floor was dirty, and the bathroom floor was dirty… but it looks like he wiped down some stuff… whatever… he lived there a week without us there, I’m sure just cleaned up whatever mess he made himself. I hate to be so cynical and mean spirited, but after what he’s put me through and the things he’s done and said, I can’t seem to bring myself to be anything more than barely polite to him.

Last night at dinner, he was walking through the dining room and the Mister says to Leech “are you hungry? There’s plenty of food here.”
He looked at me, and I must have had ‘that look’ on my face, cuz he just said “no thanks, I’ll eat later” and kept going

I didn’t feel the least bit sad/guilty/sorry for him.
That’s not me… I used to be a really caring person, I used to always think of other peoples feelings even before my own… now I could care less about this pissant