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Update: Leech is Getting Some Karma, love it

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Update from my last blob in June:

Let me start out with saying I hate our court system, it is so broken, victims are being victimized by the court system all the time. But I am a survivor and will not take anymore crap from Leech.

Mental evaluation was done on Leech after she flipped out in the courtroom, they kept her at the mental hospital for almost a week. Come to find out she was high on Meth, and something else that she would not say what it was. She gave her poor me life story to the doctors and they felt that she had a breakdown and that is why she attacked me. They recommended further counseling, since her childhood was so traumatic. Not one of these so called doctors or mental health workers thought to call DAH or I to find out if what Leech was saying was true. 

DAH got back from his motorcycle ride before Leech was released from the mental hospital, back to the jail. The judge was given the evaluation and agreed to release her with a promise to appear for court. NONE of this was told to us, we found out when Leech pulled into our driveway, after picking up her car from the tow yard. The Deputy that is friends with DS42 was on vacation,so he wasn't aware of her release either. Needless to say, I flipped my sh*t, and told DAH to get her off our property, before I call the sheriff and have her arrested for violating my restraining order. Leech turns on the water works, playing poor me, I have changed crap, but DAH is not buying her act and tells her to leave. DAH tells her that she may call him, but she is never to come to our house again.

I called Leech's XH(LXH)  to let him know that Leech was out of the mental hospital and to be on guard. LXH let me know that SGD9 and him were going on vacation for a couple of weeks, the next day, so SGD9 will be safe. I told him not to tell me where they were going, this way if anyone asked I didn't have the answer.

A couple of weeks go by and no contact from Leech to DAH, LXH or SGD9 from Leech. DAH was getting worried and calls his ex-FIL, Leech's GF. He informs us that Leech was at some drug rehab center in another state to detox from all the drugs she has been taking. Leech will be there until the court hearing at the beginning of August. I sent a message to LXH to keep him in the loop.

So everything has been very peaceful and nice, until I get a call from our local DA's office, they are going to plea bargain the charges down to where Leech only gets one year probation, nothing else. They suggest that I let the RO run out, since she was on drugs and had a mental breakdown causing her to attack me. After reading the report from the mental hospital, they feel her life is hard enough as is. What the ever lovin f*ck!! I asked what was in the report that made them think that Leech had such a tough life. I was told that they can't give me that information. By now I am royally pissed off, so I told them they just got played by the biggest liar and they were a bunch of fools to believe anything that came out of Leech's mouth. I hung up on the DA's assistant. This was last week.

This Monday I had my DS42 and a few other friends pull some strings and I got a copy of the mental hospital report. Here's a few highlights of what Leech lied about:

  • Leech was sold by BM to sex traffickers at age 9 and was a sex slave until age 17, when her father found her and saved her. **Nope, we got custody of Leech at age 9. We have school records that she was with us. DA never asked about this.
  • Leech was treated terrible by her SM, SM would call her a Whore all the time and degraded her. **Never Happened.
  • SM made Leech do all the cleaning and was criticized for anything not done to her standards. ** Leech never lifted a finger to help around the house. DAH was Disney Dad and his special princess did nothing. 

So court was yesterday, I refuse to let he RO run out and told the judge that Leech is one of the best liars I have ever seen, and if anyone had any sense at all, they would investigate all the lies she told the mental health people. Didn't change a damn thing, Leech got 1 years probation with the stipulation that she must drug test once a month and continue with counseling. The judge did grant a 5 year RO, so maybe he's not so blind as everyone else in the DA's office. When we walked out of the courtroom, Leech walked up to DAH and I and said, "You can't get rid me of the easy, I'll be around".

A custody hearing is scheduled for next month, Leech wants SGD9 back and LXH is fighting this completely. DAH and I have both agreed to testify on LXH behalf and if he needs any other help, we will be there for him and SGD9. As it stands right now, Leech has no visitation, until parenting classes are attended and proof that she is stable. The sh*tty part is the courts in this area are Pro-Mom.




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She sounds pretty scary.

Feral Forger used to make up lies about me too. My blogs are full of all the sordid details of her derangement.

Lately, however, since she has been living with Toxic Troll, she has been making up lies about HER! Telling her sister that her mother does meth, has a boyfriend who does meth, that the mother used to do jumping jax naked at school. Dumb stuff.

Thats good that the RO was extended out.

Poor little grandbaby. Sending the poor baby daddy some positive thoughts and you too!

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without any contact from Leech. LXH is so concerned that he is thinking of moving out of the country with SGD9. He has family in New Zealand and Austria.

DAH has told LXH that he needs to do what he feels is right for SGD9 to keep her safe and if moving away seems right, then do it, but make sure the courts will not come after him.

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I'm a mental health professional and I'm all for the courts trying to separate mental illness from criminal behavior, but they should be more savvy than that - to get played by a personality disordered person with such good manipulation skills.

I'm glad you got the restraining order - she will be back. No more warnings, just violate her, period.

Does DH sort of have your back? Or no, and that's why he's DAH?

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I still call him, DAH, because half the time, he doesn't think before opening his mouth. I spend a lot of time with the WTF look on my face, because of some of the silly things he been saying.

DAH is heartbroken from the report, I think he is completely done with Leech, The last year or so, his main concern has been SGD9.

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I wasn't sure if I should have shown DAH the report or not. I wanted to show him that Leech is seeing him as a hero, but me as the evil SM. She has not changed one bit after all these years, only now she has gotten meaner. 

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I watch for your posts and love the way you handle your business? Dee-licious!

I don't live too terribly far from you and agree, our state's court system is a sad joke. Too liberal, overburdened, and too lenient. And yes, Family Court is alll about $$ and giving one thousand chances because vagina. I know you'll make sure you have all the documentation you possibly can to demonstrate what an unhinged lying liarhole your DAH's daughter is.

If it's at all feasible, jump on DH's bandwagon and start scouting for a new home while the wounds are fresh. If you can wait until winter to buy, you will get a better deal but beware - Idahoans are pretty sick of us, so rent a vehicle with ID plates to drive around up there. Folks will be nicer, and you might even get an even better deal!

I fear that Leech will try to get back in your DAH's good graces, slinging the usual post-rehab line about how she's seen the light, learned so much and wants to do better blah blah. Do you think he can withstand her manipulation?

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I have a cousin that lives in Idaho, so we can borrow his truck to go look around. I would rather Leech just disappear forever, but I know that's not going to happen. We have lived here for ages, this was my fathers house and property and I'll be damned if Leech is going to run me off.

 I think if Leech's issues were just mental heath issues and not self induced with drugs, I would probably have a bit of sympathy for her, but she has always played with drugs, over the years. DAH didn't believe me for a long time, that she's a meth head off and on. Now he is finally opening his eyes and is done with the game playing.  I watched one of my older sisters go through the drug issues and it was a hard fight to kick, but she did it. Leech has no incentive to stop what she is doing and just doesn't care about anyone but herself.

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OMG - what a nightmare she is.  Do not ever hesitate to call the cops if she comes near you. 

My final straw for banning SS34 was the home invasion but TBH I was mostly afraid of him because of his history of physical violence.  I know of more than one time that SS physically abused BM (before my time). And SS attempted to be violent with DH - which is why he said SS could NEVER even spend a night with us. 

I know myself - at some point I would have challenged SS and he would have attacked me.  Had that happened I could have been really hurt and believe me I would have pressed charges. 

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I was born in CA went to college there and spent most of my career there although I have also lived in many snow areas (Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Detroit and even Dallas).  I now am retired in a Northern area of the South that can get snow and ice. I used to HATE trying to get to work in ice and snow - but now that I am retired and can just look or the window and enjoy the view I don’t care.