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On Vacation less than 24 hours and already I want to hurt him!

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My stepdaughter rode down here with her brother the leech. His g/f worked yesterday and today... so she is coming down tonight
on the ride over, they fought on the phone
My step-daughter was witness to the leech telling his girlfriend
"you ruined MY vacation two years ago, when you came down the beach and told me you were pregnant... you're NOT going to ruin MY vacation this year again"
(he said this, with his son sitting in the car seat in the back of the car)
I am disgusted beyond words
the g/f is not my favorite person in the world, but NOBODY deserves to be spoken to like that!

Not to mention, since we got here, he's used 'watching the baby' as his excuse to NOT do a damn thing for setting up the condo, or dragging everything up three flights of stairs... but once we got set up, he sure has pawned the kid off on the rest of us while he sits and continues to do nothing



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Wow...what a horrible thing to say when your kid is in the backseat. Good luck to you having to put up with him