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Vacation Recap: “why I need a vacation from my vacation” (long painful post)

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Drive down to the beach – went fine for me, my biokid and my husband

My step-daughter rode in the car with her leech brother – his girlfriend had to work on Saturday and Sunday, so she couldn’t come down till then. So he picks a fight with his girlfriend about how she should have taken “vacation” from work (she works one or two days a week.. she doesn’t get VACATION), it’s on speaker via Bluetooth and my step-daughter gets to hear leech tell his girlfriend how she ruined his vacation two years ago when she came to the beach with us and told him that she was pregnant (his son sitting in the car seat in the back)

To boot, we hear that the regular route we take to the beach has a bad accident with closed roads… so me w/ my kid and my husband take the highways…

Leech decides that he’s going to take “another way” down and winds his way around the state of New Jersey… so he shows up enough hours after we did to make sure that all of the stuff that we packed had already been dragged up the three flights of stairs BEFORE he got there… all he had to do was get his bag out of the car and bring the high chair upstairs
(he and his girlfriend got the ‘suite’ on the 1st floor, away from everyone else… more on that to come)

Sunday – Fathers’ Day… my step-daughter gives her dad a nice present, my biokid gives my hubby a nice present (within her allowance range)
Leech is sure to make a big deal of REMINDING my husband of the grill tent he bought (for himself more than my husband) and then sulks and leaves the room because he didn’t even bother to buy a father’s day card

Sunday night, his girlfriend shows up and hands my husband a card… from her and the baby…. (I’m hating the girlfriend so much less lately)

Another day during vacation, biokid, SD&BF, BF’s niece and nephew, SS&GF w/ baby are out on the amusement pier going on some rides… biokid is on her cell phone on the way back, and says to her fiend “next year, my mom says that I can maybe bring a friend for the week”
SS says to her, “no you can’t!... you’re not ALLOWED to bring a friend to the shore”
She tells him to “shut up” and it’s a big thing (because we don’t allow her to say ‘shut up’)
He’s a 27 year old tattle tale, for texting AND calling my husband to rat my kid out for saying SHUT UP! When she told me what happened, I told her, “I don’t like you saying shut up, but I think I may have said worse, so you’re off the hook on this one”

(incidentally, EVERY YEAR since we started taking these family trips, Leech (aka SS) has brought SOMEONE with him)

Tuesday... Leech’s friends come to visit.. leech and his deadbeat friend take off for the afternoon, leaving GF and Baby
Dinner time rolls around, nobody hears from leech… we ask GF wanna get dinner w/ us? She says no because Leech said they’d go and get something… it’s getting late, we put off our dinner as long as we can, finally we go out… try to get a hold of Leech… he finally showed back up at home sometime around 8-ish and then never took g/f out to eat!
She walked to the pizza place down the street and got herself a slice of pizza… she could have had a decent meal with us, but she was afraid of an argument if she left before he got home (they had an argument anyway)

Wednesday = Leech goes fishing! Between the “guy time” facebook posts from the day prior and now “this is my happy place” posts by him self fishing… I’m getting REALLY ready to post something snarky… like ‘gee, I would think your happy place would be spending time with your CHILD while you’re on vacation?!?!” I refrained

Thursday – we go to the waterpark…I rented a Family size cabana, didn’t know how many people would be coming. It wasn’t cheap, but it’s worth it to have a place in the shade and seating and tables for the large crew that we were. While a bunch of us were in the waterpark, leech decided to order drinks for himself from the waitress… did he bring any money to pay?? Of course not! It goes on the bill, why would he bring money?? When we were leaving and I was handed a check, I nearly blew my stack and he thinks it’s OK and got defensive by saying “I’ll give you the cash when we get back” REALLY?? Leech never even bothered to thank me for the cabana rental… INGRATE!

Thursday night, SD’s BF tells us he’s going to pop the question… on the Ferris wheel, we all head out to the boardwalk and meet up. (see previous post about the fiasco) on the ride back, we see him walking with the baby, we stop the tram and holler out for him to get on, he makes a big display again tells us to just go! I was so embarrassed at the whole thing… this whole week, I spent just trying to appear that we have a normal family to the BF’s family and it was becoming quite clear that this is NOT normal!

Also on Thursday, leech took leftovers from a previous dinner I made and decided to “repurpose” them for dinner for him and his GF…. DH tells him “that’s’ fine, just be sure to clean up”
After the boardwalk, and the proposal, we all went back to our house… to find dirty pots, pans and dishes in the sink and empty beer cans on the table!

Friday morning, Leech starts making himself breakfast, I told him “please clean up when you’re done cooking’ he says “I do” I said you didn’t’ yesterday and he had the NERVE to give me an attitude… “I washed them this morning, what’s the difference?”
“The DIFFERENCE? The difference, Leech is that we had brought back DS’s BF’s family to the house and they had to see YOUR mess in the sink and YOUR empty beer cans on the table!”

Saturday – Check out… I text leech downstairs, “we need your help packing up” he texts back “as soon as I’m done cleaning up down here”
They had a bedroom w/ a bathroom… the g/f came up to help… he waited till 45 minutes before we had to leave to offer to help!

Drove home… I got stuck in traffic behind DH… DH arrived five/ten minutes before I did…me, GF, Biokid, and DH have to unpack the cars, clear out, put everything away… DH calls Leech and says ‘where are you?” he says I stopped to pick up my paycheck… he shows up two hours later, after everythings’ been done of course

THEN he’s got even more nerve to just leave his bag in the foyer by the door… he and g/f go to friends picnic down the street… baby gets tired, so he sends her home and tells her “on your way up, take my bag” she’s trying to carry a half asleep baby AND His luggage up the stairs. I told her, “you brought YOUR stuff upstairs, you helped unpack the cars… let that lazy BF of yours take his OWN damn luggage upstairs”

He comes in sometime after midnight… I said to him, “wow, I guess the vacation continues?” and tell him to take his bag upstairs… he says to me “I’ll get it later, GF was supposed to get it when she got home”
DH says, No Leech, you’ll take it NOW, and what made you think it was OK to tell her to bring your luggage upstairs when she’s carrying around the baby and why wouldn’t you leave the party when your g/f left, like a decent person would??
His answer “it was just down the street, what’s the big deal?”

And this was my “vacation”
Every year, it’s SOMETHING that leech does that ruins or at least gives me stress for vacation…. I told DH, this is the last year… if you want to go on vacation with him next year, have fun… I’ll take biokid and SD and her fiancé somewhere else next year and the two of you can have your own vacation! Just not going to do it again!


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Oh forgot to mention while on the boardwalk as a large group with the b/f's family, leech spots to very young girls, wearing skimpy outfits... he says LOUDLY to my husband in this creepy, purvey voice, you Dad... put it in your pants, they're a little young for you don't you think?

WTF?!?!? REALLY!?!?! If laserbeams could have shot out of my eyes, he would have been vaporized right there on the spot!

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Leech is an ass. This is the image I have of my SS when he gets older. He already shows the entitlement signs and rudeness isn't on his radar. This is how I picture him - horrible.

The poor GF - how long is she going to stick around the abuse? He may not be hitting her but he is mentally beating her down from what it sounds like. Poor girl.

Yes - go on a vacation for yourself. Crazy.

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I don't know how long she's going to put up with this crap! if it were me, baby or no baby, I'd be out the door so fast it'd make your head spin

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Why? Because my dearest Loving husband fails to realize the reality of the situation. Every year, my husband hopes beyond hope that we won’t have a repeat performance of every year prior… he even said it to me again last night “well, maybe after the talk I had with him, next year will be drama free”

That’s when I lost it with DH and told him that if Leech goes next year, then my biokid and I are going elsewhere and taking along SD and her BF if they want

When he was married to his first wife and the kids were young, when his eldest son was still alive, they didn’t have much money, so family vacations were sparse… he always envisioned the day they could rent a house on the beach… he desperately wants this idyllic FAMILY vacation.
He doesn't think it'd be "fair" to leave him behind... he thinks I'm being hurtful

I told him it's not about being hurtful, it’s Leech’s actions over the last 11 years that have brought me to this… and then I repeated it.. E-L-E-V-E-N YEARS, since biokid was practically in DIAPERS we’ve been dealing with DRAMA from Leech EVERY SINGLE vacation. ELEVEN YEARS!!

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I feel the worst for her too... he couldn't let his sister just have this ONE thing! I really hate him for that...

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I work full time so my vacations are VERY precious to me. There would be no way IN HELL, that I would take my vacation time with my adult Skids - BTDT - it was a sheer nightmare. I flat out told my DH I won't do it EVER again.

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Make no bones about it, WE pay for this vacation every year. My step-daughter used to pitch in what she could afford every year, and this year I sad NO MORE!

this "kid" has put up her own money and her brother had never offered ANYTHING< it's not fair to her to take another dime!

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This is when flip cams come in handy. Film this ass and show your DH how SS really looks to every one else. What a drag!