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peaceful, calm weekend..will be coming to and end soon

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How was our weekend peaceful and calm you wonder?? Because Leech took grandbaby to his sisters for the weekend and the g/f is staying at her mom's apartment. No Leech! No g/f, and sorry but no grandbaby too look after.... it's been awesome.
The drama will resume tonight, when he comes home
The grandbaby has been eating three meals a day...(like we've been telling the parents he SHOULD be at a year and a half old)

Leech realized that he doesn't need to be breastfed anymore... and that maybe the g/f is just too lazy to actually FEED the baby, so she gives him the boob instead of breakfast and lunch. (no wonder he scarfs down dinner like it's his last meal...he's HUNGRY!!!)
So tonight, Leech says he's going to TELL the g/f that it's time to stop breastfeeding
I can't help but laugh... I already know how this is going to turn out.