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OT - Parents show your proud of your children

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LMAO. I love this.! My skids aren't terrible. If they ever do flop though... Imma get one of these!


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I actually can't stand those things that say....

I am a proud parent of a Straight A student at

Avery Middle School.....

It actually makes me think of HCBM's.  Narcissistic attention seekers.

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I have a bumper sticker on my truck that says "For all the proud parents that advertise your straight A student on you bumper, Did your kid do the school work or did you?" We have a huge problem in my area with parents doing the kids projects and the kid turning it in and getting high grades.

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LMAO!! My formerMIL and formerFIL used to do projects for formerSS - the projects that you had to build something or artistic anything. But, you know, they were just "helping"...while he sat in the livingroom watching youtube videos. Typically in a panic the night before it was due even though he knew about it for a month.

It was OBVIOUSLY done by adult. And, given his poor academic record, I am sure it was even more obvious.

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Hey, some parents have to take it where they can get it!

County Jail Talent Contest Winner, would be great, too.

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and *you're (because yes, I'm that person, it makes me crazy!!)

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BM actually had a bumper sticker on her car that said "My kid beat up your honor roll student!" Like that's something to brag about! Ironically, the SSs were the ones gettting their a$$%# beat by other kids for being jerks!

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