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I have one of those faces

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that you can tell what I'm thinking complete with the eye roll that I have no control over.

Last night DH and I were discussing SS20 Christmas gifts as he only asked for one thing and we are giving him a check.  He then asks since we are going to onto the website to order what do we order SS16?

I tried, I really did and thought I got away with it by just saying - I don't know just nothing matching.  He says, "whatever, Ill just stop saying his name.  I wish I had a picture of your face every time I do".

I blew it.  He didn't say much on the subject after that, but I know he loves him, he does acknowledge that SS16 is wrong and that I have every right to still be pissed. He should be able to talk about him without me looking totally disgusted.

At least I stopped spitting at the floor when his name is mentioned.





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I can't hide anything with my face unless I'm concentrating, but even then I suck at it.

Don't overthink it. DH just feels guilty because his kid is a turd.

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I have worked hard at keeping a "no expression" face and still fail at it, some things are just viseral and can't be helped.

The spitting on the floor thing, love it !

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Wow I just don't get these parents who act like it's no big deal that their kid is actively lying about them in such a way that it could result in jail time.

Spawn did this with her step father she cried molestation and then back peddled when CPS talked to her. Shortly after that fiasco is when we got custody and DH would get annoyed when all my male family members in my family refused to be in a room alone with Spawn. It's like don't you get your kid is a lying POS who could get people in serious trouble?

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Adviceonly~ how can your H get annoyed at all your male family members not wanting to be in a room with her? I don't blame them. I'm a woman and I wouldn't want to be around her lying @ss either. Sometimes the truth hurts and as her father he has to see that he will feel the consequences behind her actions too.

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Oh, the eye roll! According to DH, I am the Queen. It seems to run in my family. Even when I think I'm not doing it... I am.

The not spitting is a step in the right direction!

You will eventually get to a place of indifference, hopefully, and your disgust won't show so much.

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“I wish I had a picture of your face every time I do".

That could be arranged. Make a great stocking stuffer lol

 Seriously tho I don’t think you should have to hide your true feelings. Maybe your DH is just hypersensitive about it. His problem really not yours 

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I would love to see it too because I really think that I have control.    He maybe hypersensitive right now but I still never want to hurt his feelings.  

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"...I stopped spitting at the floor..."  LMAO!!

Classy, I go stonefaced. I've managed to control the eye rolling until DH turns around or I do. Wink

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I can't hide my face either as hard as I've tried I just can't. Now I don't even try......

It is, what it is.....oh well.....   Pardon