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SS is being "bullied"

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DH told me last night that when he was Skyping with SS, he asked BM to come and talk to him. Apparently, SS is being bullied by their neighbor, who is also one of his friends. I guess in front of SS, DH demanded to know what BM was doing about this. He proudly told me that he grilled her, asking for specifics with regard to the situation.

His reason in doing this (though unstated by him) was more than likely so that SS could see him fighting for him, so he could see that DH DOES care about him and will protect him. That's great, but he totally undermined BM in front of SS, and that's never okay.

Besides all of that, it sounds to me like SS is milking this story to get DH to do just what he did yesterday. As history has shown, SS is infamous for pitting one side against the other. BM told DH that this boy comes over to play all the time. Why would she subject her son, whose ass she wipes, to bullying unnecessarily? Answer is: she wouldn't. She told DH that the boy is allowed to play with SS as long as they play nicely. Sounds fair to me. She said she has heard the boy use mean words to SS before, and addressed it when it happened. She said that SF has spoken with the boy's parents also, and that aside from what they've done, there is nothing more to do.

It's obvious that SS wants to hang around this kid, or else he wouldn't be in their house. It's also obvious that BM has done everything that she can, aside from forbidding them to play together, and if things were as bad as SS is saying they are, I'm sure she would forbid it IF SS even wanted to be around the kid.

So it's just another time that my DH is being overly dramatic to try to get SS to feel like he cares, when there are much healthier, better ways to accomplish the same exact thing--like following through with his word, which is a rarity when it comes to SS.

Sigh...and all I kept thinking during this entire thing was, "Sucks when the shoe is on the other foot, doesn't it, SS?" Because he is a HUGE bully. Guilty of all that he has accused this little boy of doing.


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Ugh, this anti-bullying movement has gone too far. I'm all about kids not being picked on, but my SS does the same exact thing. He'll antagonize kids in our neighborhood and then run to DH when they fight back saying he's being bullied. At this point it's an attention seeking tactic for him - drives me nuts!

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Shame on your ex, too! And amazing about conjuguemos. I'm so glad it helped! Thanks for sharing that Smile

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It wasn't an excuse to see her. He did it because he will do anything to make himself look like the hero and BM look like the evil parent. He told me that the reason he sent SS to ask BM if SS could live with us is because he knew BM wouldn't (and couldn't, legally) say yes and then she'd be the bad guy.

He is dense.