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Anyone familiar with CS dealing with AD military, specifically in AZ?

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DH and BM need to re-do the portion of their original decree that speaks to their life insurance policies with SS, as they both have agreed (and already have) changed them. I suggested to him that he read through the entire thing and address any part of it that needs to be changed now, so that they're only paying once to have it re-written, filed, etc.

With that comes a potential CS modification. In early 2013, they did the calculations and CS was set. This was before we had our daughter, and we are about to have a second child within a week or so. I went online to the CS calculator and redid everything, adding in that we have two kids now, and it dropped it about $150 a month.

The questions that I have are pretty specific, so if you work in the legal field in AZ or with AD military members and are familiar with what portions of their pay are included in the calculations, could you comment so I can PM you please? I am wondering, when looking at basic pay and the document from their CS, if they miscalculated back when they did the doc.

Thank you!


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Hi Bulletproof. I have no expertise to offer, just wanted to say nice to see you back!

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Hey Bullet!!!! I have no idea about AZ law but wanted to say "hi!" Hope all is well with you. How wonderful about your second baby! Smile