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Have any of your DHs realized that the skids will never change?

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DH's hope has lessened throughout the last year and a half, but it still glimmers sometimes.

For Christmas, SS said he was going to make DD something and send it. DH was hopeful, it never happened.

SS has asked for DD to say hi during Skype. DH was hopeful SS would enjoy it, and he was a dick.

DH has a high for days if/when SS says anything remotely nice about me during a Skype call. It is inevitable that SS does/says something incredibly mean in the next few weeks about me.

These are just a few small examples.

Anyone familiar with CS dealing with AD military, specifically in AZ?

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DH and BM need to re-do the portion of their original decree that speaks to their life insurance policies with SS, as they both have agreed (and already have) changed them. I suggested to him that he read through the entire thing and address any part of it that needs to be changed now, so that they're only paying once to have it re-written, filed, etc.

Here comes baby #2

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We recently found out that we're pregnant again. I'm due toward the end of May.

Before DH Skyped with SS last week, I said, "You aren't telling him today, are you?" because we hadn't told all of our family and friends yet. He said no, but in a manner like he doesn't plan to tell him for a while.

I wonder how long he'll wait this time? I'm not going to ask. Not yet, anyway.

SS is being "bullied"

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DH told me last night that when he was Skyping with SS, he asked BM to come and talk to him. Apparently, SS is being bullied by their neighbor, who is also one of his friends. I guess in front of SS, DH demanded to know what BM was doing about this. He proudly told me that he grilled her, asking for specifics with regard to the situation.

OT: A vent about my parents

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I think I mentioned after our trip to the states that neither of my parents really wanted much to do with DD. My dad was a lot worse, as in visibly disinterested around her. My mom, like she is famous for, spends every spare moment trying to paint a different picture for everyone. She claims he adores her, and things of the like. She most frequently does this to me, trying to get me to change my perspective on the situation to what she wishes it were, because (as we all know from the BFs we deal with) the view underneath the sand is far better than the view above it!

A little "snorty" humor for your Friday

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My DH brought up the exchange that happened between BM and SS about SS living with us.

Apparently SS asked BM if he could come live with us, and her response was, "That will take some work."

And that was that.

Nice answer. True, but vague enough for SS to not know what the work is. Vague enough that, when relayed to DH, he knows it ain't gonna happen.

Good on BM! LOL

SS asked DH if he can come and live with us

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Yes, you read that correctly. After his vacation with DH, during which he was spoiled to the max and acted like his typical self, SS asked DH if he could come live with us.

My DH and I had discussed this being a possibility before DH went back to the states and had SS meet him in his home state. My DH said he was going to tell SS that "It isn't possible right now," which is perfectly acceptable and the truth.

But, of course, that's not what he said. Instead, he told SS to ask BM.

Unbelievable comments that came out of my husband's mouth last night

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This merited its own blog, separate from the earlier one.

Thing #1:

He was talking about his cousins sons. One is 9 (we'll call him Tim) and the other is 6 (we'll call him Bob). This cousin is the daughter of his aunt (the overbearing one), the same cousin who is friends with BM on FB.

"It's so obvious that they all favor Bob over Tim, the same way it's so obvious that they all favor SS over DD. It pisses me off."

Naturally, SS is SOOOOO much better than a child who is equally as bad as he is.

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DH brought up the visit with SS last night, and part of what he said was about his cousin's son, who is SS's age.

See, the two are twins. They behave IDENTICALLY. But my DH seems to think that his cousin's son is horrible and SS is nothing like him.

DH: "Tim was whining because he missed his dad and wanted to go see him, because he hadn't seen him in a few days. Such a baby!"

ME: "Oh, you mean kind of like how BM told us she had to spend weeks convincing SS to go visit your family for a full week because he didn't want to leave her for more than two days."

Disengaged SMs and SFs: Does your SO talk to you about their kids still?

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Last night my DH tried to talk to me about SS and how fabulous he was. I didn't respond much, just with "Okay" and then tried to move on. He says that he has "no one else to talk to about SS" so he wants to talk to me.

I don't want to hear it.

Does your SO talk to you about their kids, even though you're disengaged? How do you handle it?

I'm trying to prepare for this, as my DH comes home in two days and IDK how I want to handle it.