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Soooooooo.....what do you think of THIS?

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Well, it seems like the Skids forgot the rule of they "must sign out of Boogeymom's Netflix account on ALL of their devices as soon as they leave the house," which they did not, and thusly, having recently checked my Instant Watch queue, I was able to see what they had been watching for the entire week and a half they've been signed in. (I haven't checked the Instant activity in a few weeks because, silly me, I didn't think I had to.) In addition to the programs they have been told repeatedly NOT to watch, I also found "Bear Nation," "Bear City," "Adonis," and "Small-Town Gay Bar" in the instant watch. Now, the one I was sort of hoping they'd get all the way through was Small Town Gay Bar, because it looks like a documentary and probably is very informative about the gay culture in the American South, but they only watched 6 minutes of it. I'm practically positive it wasn't both of them watching it, either, but I say "they" because I'm not entirely sure who it was. A few of them were watched all the way through. Now, not only do I love the gay community, but I'm actually HOPING SS11 is gay because it will be the ONLY thing keeping him from becoming a father at the age of 15. However, I know some boys will watch the gay movies just out of curiosity, and since they're both at the age where they're curious about sex in pretty much all it's forms, I know it may not mean either of them are gay, and in fact, they might just be curious. I'm entertained by the fact that the theme of most of these movies was "bears," so if indeed one of them is gay or bi, he obviously prefers bears (funny because I peg SS11 as being more of a twink who would be into other twinks, though I could see SS13 liking big hairy guys). The funny thing is, both SS11 and SS13 are openly into girls too. SS11 is always making comments about certain women being sexy and is very popular with girls at school already, and SS13 has already had a couple of girlfriends. Neither of them would have any reason to hide being gay to the family, DH isn't keen on it, but has never said so to them and understands he'd have to accept it, BM is totally down with it, her brother is gay, I would love nothing more. The things I could see holding them back are that they live in a suburb not exactly known for it's liberal point of view on gay people, and also that DH's dad who is pretty involved with them is wishy-washy at best on the subject and they value his opinion too much (one day he doesn't care if gay marriage is legal, the next day he blames homosexuality for the fall of the Roman Empire...mixed messages). I guess I'm mostly just wondering aloud for entertainment purposes if one of them is gay or bi, and if so, which one? Also, has anyone ever seen any of these movies? Are they any good? Bear City looks like a charmingly hilarious romatic comedy.


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Maybe just curious? Their moms brother is gay, so maybe they just want to know more about that lifestyle?

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I'm thinking just curious...I think I'll take a gander at these movies myself. Just to see what they're like. Small Town Gay Bar looks good.

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Just out of curiousity, why do they have to sign out of the account when they are not at your house? My Skids use my account all the time. The only thing that pisses me off is that netflix now makes suggestions for movies that I would never ever watch because they've screwed up the algorithm. Just wondering why you have a problem with them using your account.

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Because they completely take over my instant watch, I think it's annoying, I think THEY'RE annoying and don't want to do a thing for them, and they don't need to have access to that or any part of my account 24/7. I'm pretty sure BM isn't using the account at all. Unless she's the one watching the gay movies.

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My answer to that is change the password. If BM wants them to watch things on her time, she can pay for it....