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Crap, what is going to happen this weekend?!?! Anxiety!!!!!!

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Okay, it's not actually that bad, but I am definitely wondering what may happen in this action-packed weekend. First of all, SS11's birthday is tomorrow, which I don't give two farts in the wind about, but also, Sunday is Father's Day. So...even though it's BM's weekend, I'm wondering if some bullshit crap will come up tomorrow about having to go see SS11 for his dumb birthday (aka the day he squirmed his way into the world, thus making my life harder). I'm trying to think of a way to get out of it, but other than going down to Juneteenth to pretend to recruit for my school (when I'll just be drinking instead), I can't think of a thing. Sunday, supposedly we're having breakfast with my parents-in-law and brother-in-law for Father's Day...but DH didn't mention anything about his Semen Demons being included in that, so I'm REALLY hoping he'll just take a pass on the whole Father's Day thing and only celebrate it with the grown men for breakfast. What I'm REALLY afraid of is that somehow they'll just sneak their way in there and DH will have conveniently forgotten to mention that they're coming because ever since SS13 called me a bitch last week, DH's evil brats, aka Regan MacNeil and Damien Thorn (if you know these 70's horror movie references, congratulations, you have good taste in movies), no longer exist in my world. If this is the case, and they do come and sabotage breakfast like the gremlins they are, I will just have to excuse myself early to go to MY dad's and drink margs for the rest of the day.


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"Semen Demons" no shit right!!!

I hope they don't sperm their way into your world over this Fathers Day weekend thing.

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Nice! SS13 is Regan MacNeil because of the shit that just spews out of his mouth, and SS12 is Damien because he is super manipulative and would enlist demons from hell if it meant he could get his way. Every time I see pictures of them, I'm always shocked that the camera didn't break trying to take them, or that there aren't little demons dancing in the background, or that the camera was actually able to capture their images AT ALL.

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PS, DH asked me last night at about 10 pm if I wanted to go to some overstimulating hell-hole where children go to lose their minds and go apeshit for a few hours for SS12's b-day party. I was like, no. I don't.