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Day 1: Will they ever stop shrieking?

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Okay, so I'm totally screwed. This week, BM "C u next Tuesday" is in Mexico for her brother's b-day. Fine, I get it, it's a milestone b-day, everyone is allowed to have a little fun once in a while. Unfortunately, that means the Skids are here with us. All. Week. Long. This is literally only the second time EVER that we've had them for more than 4 days in a row, and I hated it the first time, too. At least the last time, I was convinced my dog was going to die all week long, so everyone left me alone in the bedroom to cry (he was fine after all).

We're on Day 1...I'm already wanting to kill myself a little bit. The only think keeping me from moving into a cave in the mountains for the duration is 1) it's too cold, and 2) the fact that they've been gone for half the day at Tai Kwon Do, and that I've done P90X today, and have no energy to fight them. It's like they literally have to shout everything. Screeching, every two minutes. I'm not exaggerating. They're talking volume is 11 and has a sort of shrill "eeeee!" quality to it. Their screaming volume...forget it. I don't know why I'd expect any different, they've been this way ever since I've known them for almost 8 years now. Silly how I thought they'd get better over time, and instead they've just gotten steadily worse. Huh. I wish I could just detach, but sadly, the assault their voices presents to my senses makes that pretty much impossible. Literally every time sound comes from their mouths, I wince. It's just a reaction, I don't even mean to do it. Now I'm just holding out for puberty. SS12 could almost be there, and his voice is more irritating to me that SS10's, but DH was a late-bloomer, and I'm really sad to say he's taken after him every other way, so I'm sure he will in this area, too. At least if they're voices were deeper, the yelling wouldn't feel like an ice pick was being rammed into my ear with a sledgehammer. God help me this week.


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You can also get these foam earplugs at the drugstore, they work really well.They're cheap too. I used them years ago when I had noisy neighbors- I'm a light sleeper. They don't completely make you deaf- just take the edge off. Smile

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LOL, I have the really good iPod earbuds that cancel out noise like a mo-fo...but I don't want to wear them ALL DAY! I want some of those Bose over-the-ear ones people use on airplanes when they're stuck next to a crying baby and a drunken business man. You know, the ones that look like the ones the baggage handlers wear.