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Does your DH/SO/BF think he can SING? (and can't to save his life)?

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Biodad is constantly catterwalling; especially when soused (which is almost always)--belting out a tune at a volume that would make a jackhammer blush. He actually thinks he can sing and was told by a few people that he CAN sing (because they are afraid of him and would NEVER say otherwise)

He has a high-pitched voice to begin with for a man; add to it a total lack of vibrato and then barely carrying the tune (pitchy).

I have earplugs for his snoring but all I can do is laugh and say "don't quit your day job."

I have been tempted to record him and then play it back for him. . .

Does anyone experience this and have they ever recorded and done a playback for the budding Carnegie Hall "star?"


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Not my DH but my SD... one time she was doing a live performance in the shower loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear and DH recorded it (outside of the door obviously) it was pretty funny playing it back for her but it didn't make any difference, she thinks that she is the next American Idol. (oh, and all of the songs she sings are like "what does the fox say?" or equally annoying)

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My husband "marinades" me every morning while he's getting ready for work. He has a pretty decent voice and usually ends up making up words to the song. It ends up being pretty funny and starts my day off with a smile.

My SD12, on the other hand, can't carry a tune in a bucket. She has her mother's voice, which is pretty painful to listen to. The bad thing is, her mother has encouraged her to sing "because she loves it so much." Now the poor kid thinks she can sing so she takes solos at school & church plays and such. I am always sooo embarrassed for her and pretty sure my husband is too.

My DD20 CAN sing and does so beautifully. She finally leveled with her stepsister, very sweetly, and told her that maybe singing is not her greatest talent. I have tactfully tried to tell her, as well. Her dad has told her flat out to be quiet, he is trying to hear the song and he doesn't enjoy hearing her sing. SD12 just does NOT get the hint. She plans on auditioning for American Idol as soon as she's old enough. I am afraid she'll be one of those they actually put on television, finding out for the "first time" that not only can she not sing but her singing is painful to anyone in earshot.

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My DH can sing, although he is kind of shy so he doesn't do it much. When he does it is always some Spanish love song though. *swoon*

SD10? Sounds like a cat in heat, holy hell it's awful. And she is too thick to remember words to songs outside of a repetitive chorus, so she will repeat the same line, over, and over, and over.... He sister always tells her to shut up, her singing sucks. That always makes me smile.

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I also like the super deep thing! My first husband had that "radio voice." Biodad, on the other hand, sounds like a castrato (in more ways than one) that just had his genitals stepped on.