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Giving up

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For 7 years I helped raise this child. Every other week. Custody changed and she moved away with her mom and we rarely see her now (She's 12) shes constantly in trouble at school, got arrested once for cyber bullying. Called cps on us twice (both cases unfounded) She makes excuses not to come to our house and tbh my husband (herBD) doesn't even care anymore. It's like we don't even know her anymore. Her life is with her Mom and their family, and we feel disgaurded (like she threw us away) she's a angry child.

BM moved away with SD

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BM has taken Sd11 and moved 40 miles away? She moved in with her bf and his 15 year old son. The bank is foreclosing on her house. SD11 told me this yesterday. I did some detective work today and their house is empty, so it seems they have moved away. BM didn’t even bother to tell Dh this. (Not surprising)

It never stops .... She’s in contempt of court for doing this but I honestly don’t even care if they move to the Moon. Who wants to pay MORE attorney fees? .... not this girl! I think DH is beginning to see he’s fighting a losing battle.

Here we go again

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This just doesn’t stop. Now CPS is investigating us. It seems while my SD10 was in the mental hospital (bc she wanted to kill me and a few other people she don’t like) she was diagnosis bipolar. I’ve heard that a child under a certain age can’t be diagnosed with this but the Doctor said she felt 100 percent sure SD10 has it .....  so she’s labeled now. 

Letting go of the happy step family illusion

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For the past 6 years or so I would periodically disengage here and there but usually I would end up helping DH out. I’m lucky I have a good husband and he does understand how I feel “sometimes”

BM AND DH have shared custody of THEIR child “week with mom, week with dad” 

BM has tried to modify custody many times claiming the shared week to week was too much on my SD but each time nothing changed except for the amount of money in our bank account from paying attorney fees. 

StepMoms should take a class before signing up for this

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There should be a class StepMoms must take  before they marry a man with children. They could take my SD home for practice .... <attempt at humor> 

Bc ya’ll ... if I would have taken that class I would have ran as fast as I could in the opposite direction. 

My DH does take my side and does realize his child has “issues” but it’s still so miserable at my house. It’s changed me so much. 

contempt or not ... help

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DH and BM have 50/50 shared custody. BM took SD on DH’s week, claimed we were abusive blah blah ....  Claimed to have filed a police report. Today we had a friend check and the only police report filed was the one we filed when her Mom didn’t return her to us? Is it even worth filing contempt of court? what will happen? Anyone have any experience with this? 

Ranting Again ... maybe I’ll rant forever lol

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First of all let me say! Thank God for you wonderful people who actually get it! 

DH has decided that it’s best to let SD10 go live with her Mom. I cry one minute, then I’m mad the next for the lies she has told about me. I have never laid my hands on this little girl in my life. We have security cameras in our house so I can prove I didn’t do anything.