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skids driving my wife nuts!

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I am overseas and have been since Mar, 2008. My kids were always
a little "needy" ( that's polite ). I have three from previous. 13 boy, 11 girl and
6 boy. My wife has a boy,8. It has got to the point that my own family is asking
her how she puts up with them (this past weekend).
From a distance, what can I do?
I love my wife and though she has faults, she has been great to them but
the time is running thin. My Ex is not to be considered due to her being part
of the problem. Ex has them the majority of the time.

Spouse too close to the Ex?

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First of all, I want everyone to know that my name "betterman" does NOT mean that's
what I think of myself. It means I joined this blog to BECOME a "betterman".
Just wanted to make that clear.
Okay.....So where is the line drawn when it comes to your spouse ( male or female ) being
"too close" with the ex? And how do you bring this subject up without looking like your
insecure? or a freak?
Basic problem; My wife talks to her Ex just about every day. Could be texting, phone or