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I never thought I'd get to write this blog,

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This was the first weekend that we had the skids that went well. Seriously, it was really good.


FDH and BM are finally parenting. SD11 has been restricted to two hours of computer time per day. She has a bedtime (here at least) and FDH doesn't put up with her crap. It's amazing to witness the transformation in this child.

She went from being sullen, whiny, shouty, rude, totally ignoring me, selfish, etc... to quite delightful in a short period of time. There was only ONE occasion this weekend where she started to whine and ask if she could go home. (Answer from FDH was a quick "No, now get in the car. We're going to the store") Normally she whines about everything and I mean everything that she is asked to do. Didn't happen this time. I am amazed.

Now, things weren't perfect. She ate an entire meal with her hands. She left her light on in her room every single time she left it. She was a bit messy. She was her. But those things didn't bother me as much and I maintained a smile because I wasn't being constantly assualted by her overall unpleasantness. Little things don't matter as much when things are good overall.

I really think the computer time limit is the real cause of this. (Of course, I am biased because I've been saying this for months but no one listened). It was manking her anti-social and she would balk at any activity, other than eating, that took her away from it. Now that it's not the sole source of her entertainment, she is nice and sociable. And she knows her father isn't going to negotiate with her and put up with her whining anymore so guess what, she's not doing it!

She even came up and gave me an unsolicited hug!

I know FDH was thrilled to see her interacting with others and happy. I know he was glad to have a weekend with him where I wasn't mad, hiding in my room and thorny. He's getting what he always wanted by stepping up.

This is so encouraging.


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So happy to read it! Glad things went well and hopefully will continue to do so! Smile

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Thanks! I really just hope that FDH sees the connection between the parenting/structure and her behavior.

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Me too!