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Good Morning from Not My House

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I did as I said and took off and stayed with friends. We had a lovely evening. FDH messages me after I told him I wanted to visit my brother alone and acted like they were still coming with me. I said "I need to be away from you guys for the weekend. I am overwhelmed by the situation with SD and her parents. I will not risk my time with my family. This weekend has already been hijacked enough. I am angry, tired and need a good weekend without this bullshit".

He didn't respond and I imagine was surprised to arrive home to a dark and empty house. This morning he texted and assumed I'd already gone to my brothers. I told him I was in town and going later.

I was up half the might and early today. Exhausted. Guess I'll mozy home soon to pack for phase two of of my weekend getaway. Still very upset but glad I don't have to spend the weekend watching The Grand Poobah of Permissive Parenting in action with his princess all weekend.