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Blog Hogging Today- My niece just showed my SD11 up

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My family was just in town. My oldest niece is 12 and is having a really bad rough patch, just like SD11 is (except my niece still goes to school). But she's doing terribly in school, being defiant and not doing her school work and is an all around PITA for my brother and his wife (my niece's SM). So anyway, she was here for the last couple of days. The SKs were not here but I made sure to stick to all my normal rules for SD11 so FDH couldn't say "See, you let HER do it...". Not to mention that every rule I have here is for a damn reason.

I made her go to bed before midnight (note I said BEFORE and not AT or LATER THAN).
I made her aware of "piano hours" and made sure she observed them.
I reminded her to put her dishes in the dishwasher.
I asked her to turn down the tv
I asked her to use a coaster and put her empty soda cans with the recycling.
I asked her to stop being a jerk to her sisters.
I made her get out of bed by noon.

It goes on... In general, I asked her to be a decent citizen in this house and be respectful of everyone else and my home.

She came here barely talking to anyone, staring at electronics and sullen. She left with a big smile on her face. I even got her engaged in a huge family game of Uno where she enjoyed the hell out of herself.

I just noticed that she left me a note, on a napkin, on my fridge thanking me for everything, talking about what a nice time she had, etc...

Meanwhile SD11 is throwing epic level fits at visitation time now because her evil stepmother and dad are asking her to do those very same things.

Funny, huh?


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Didnt you get the memo that skids arent supposed to be bothered with such things?? Psh.

Just joking!! Isnt it amazing how much whining & pitching fits they can do about doing such easily done things?? It amazes me. My SS11 once said to me that hes not my "slave" when I asked him to go upstairs & get a pair of socks so we could get going to the grocery store!! Man did that tick me off!! I wouldnt have dared to say such a thing like that to my parents growing up!! When my DH asked him later why he said that to me, he used the "shes not my mom & cant tell me what to do!" Rediculous!!

You are certainly Not asking for too much!! Stick to your guns !!