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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last!!! The last two weeks - with the day off (holiday) on a Wednesday - messed with my head. I kept thinking Thursday was Monday and started to do several Monday tasks. Ugh. But this has been a loooooong week!

Eff off to:

  • DH's work. Once again, he has to work OT tomorrow due to the incompetency of another shift. WTH is wrong with management that they refuse to fire f*ck-ups? How many bloody chances do you give to people who continue to cost the business $$$$$ with their f*ck-ups??? Too lazy to do the job, cannot do the job, f*ck up the job....FIRE THEM. 
  • Swirling vortexes of negativity (humans) who thrive on pessimism and hate and are forever trying to SUCK IN others. There is something seriously wrong with you when you get off on all of your b!tching and whining and loathing. Why don't you channel that energy into something POSITIVE? Oh, so sorry. That would mean you got less attention. Get a damn life. 
  • Pseudo authorities. *I* know you don't know a damn thing about this subject. YOU know you don't know a damn thing about this subject. Yet here you are; nonsensically yammering on and on, like some deranged Chatty Cathy magpie, oblivious to the actual SMEs rolling their eyes and shaking their heads. Please go to the restroom and treat yourself to a swirlie.
  • And a YUGE Eff Off to cancer, which has infected yet another friend. DAMMIT!!!

Wishing you an enjoyable, stress-free weekend!


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Lmao Aniki!! This was a fun list to read (except the last bullet - I hope your friend is cured ASAP).

I am feeling blissful today after a morning of cleaning the house and bathing the pooch. No eff offs for me right now.

Yet, I agree wholeheartedly with all of your points.

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I will never understand why people are too intimidated to fire incompetence. They cannot do the job. Period. That should be the end of the story. Sheesh.

Sweetie, will you kindly send a little sparkle of blissful my way? Pretty please with whipped cream and a cherry? I could use it. xo

Thank you. It's a diagnosis of throat cancer. No word yet what all needs to be done. Sad

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We are surely surrounded by incompetence! Perhaps they are afraid they won't be able to fill those positions? This is a worker's job market in one of the best economies in close to 100 years, and companies are struggling to fill positions. It irks me too though. I'd almost rather have a bad economy so the bad workers are forced to become better as they continuously get fired and hired.

Here is some bliss for you:

Out of everyone on this site, you are absolutely one of (if not THE) most positive, funniest, most encouraging, caring person.

You can take this as a means to reflect upon how many step lives you've helped change for the better with you never ending support and encouragement.

I look forward to your regular OT fun posts such as "eff off Friday," "thankful Thursday," "tone up Tuesday," etc.

I envy the fact that you live in a cold climate, so please throw a snowball for me.

If none of that works, then I will share this thought:

So many people are sooo hateful these days: on the road, online, often even in person! So we can decide to take the high road. Laugh more, meditate, show compassion and hope it sets an example for others, etc. Because so many people are hateful, it's no longer "trendy" or "hipster" to be a complaining, high-horsed, negative nelly. Know that you are unique and special simply due to the fact that you are NOT a part of the 99% haters.

And finally, here is a joke:

People used to laugh at me when I would say ”I want be a comedian”, well nobody's laughing now.


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One thing that really chafes about the retainment of bad workers is that it thwarts hiring those in need of a job who would be valued assets. Gaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!

Oh my goodness! I am truly humbled by your accolades. They are absolutely uplifting. Thank you for those many rays of sunshine!!! xoxo

I'll throw a BIG snowball for you!

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truer words were never spoken

I'm putting off a couple of horrendous projects left by my predecessor (done annually) till next week

Going home, putting my feet up, having a white wine spritzer and watching the end of the Downton Abby movie

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Eff off to:

  • Having to replace my license becuase of that new Star ID thing, work will pay for it, but I have to drive AN HOUR to do it, on my time.
  • Being stressed about funding all this S*** in life
  • H not sending me money for rent. And when i tell him this he says "Well I sent it last month. Can't you use that?" NO I CANNOT.  I USED THAT FOR LAST MONTH. AND I ENDED UP USING MY CHRISTMAS BONUS THIS MONTH.  SO PAY ME DANGIT.
  • My Grandma not doing well but not having the funding or the time off work to go right now.
  • The effin cat that dips*** bought for the kids, who's TERRIFIED OF DOGS. Scratched me up becuase it heard a dog bark and tried to climb me. (of which I have two and H has one)


Positive though, got my super prized possesions out of the house Smile So that's a start.  

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I admit it. Damn near every day, I find something to add to the crapcake pile of loathsome that is your H. He needs his scrotum waxed, followed by a fiery ghost pepper poultice. 

Prayers for your Grandma. xoxo

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He needs his scrotum waxed with super glue so that he'll need surgical castration.

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She's only got a few months left. I REALLY need to get there soon. She's on hospice, has cancer that spread and late stages of dimentia. Sad

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Aw, Sweetie!

Please listen to me here. That evil thief, cancer, has robbed my family twice within the last 2 years yet I remain grateful for the time spent with my loved ones in their last days. In the midst of one's grief, it's a comfort to recall the small acts of love; the hand-holding, brushing the thinning hair, recalling old times.

Those sad memories have caused a lot of tears but are of the healing sort. Don't cheat yourself and your Aunt, Hon, by waiting for her funeral before making your visit. Sorry if I sound a bit harsh but visiting your aunt should be a priority right now, not worrying about ex's rent. ((((HUGS))))

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You do not sound harsh. You sound like you are opening up you heart. So sorry for your loss.

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I'm so sorry for your losses!!! Cancer is AWFUL.  It's been rough. I'm less worried about the rent and more worried about getting the divorce done and over with right now.

But i agree. I need to get back. I've already been looking at potential dates.

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There exists a little known "Float Theory " in every aspect of business ,I swear.

The awful ,incompetent turds float to the top and climb the  corporate ladder because no one wants their lazy ,stupid , incompetent butts in their division.They are usually the best at back stabbing and  duplicity and have squirreled away a treasure trove of dirt on middle management and higher ups so they get promoted.


And those fake a$$ authority types. The Mall Cop imbued with super power mentality .I get it.LOL


There is an ice skating forming in my front yard,Ani.A foot of snow now pounded by rain.Crazy.

I hope you make the best of the  weekend and so sorry about your poor DH. That OT may come in handy when it's vacation planning time.Yes, I am trying to be positive.

Give rose



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There is a smarmy dirtbag manager I used to work for. He's productive but you would NOT believe the garbage he gets away with. He's got an EEO investigation going right now and I hope he fries. I've seen him be very discriminatory on multiple occasions but never really blatant.

We often talk about how he must have naked pictures of some muckety muck or know where the bodies are buried.

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The Peter Principle.  Here it is proven mathematically:

In case you've ever wondered why ignorance rises to the executive level, here is a simple explanation that is also a mathematical proof:

Knowledge is Power.

Time is Money.

And, as every actuary (with some physics training) knows:

---------- = Power

So, if
Knowledge = Power
Time = Money

then through simple substitutions,

---------- = Knowledge

Solving for Money, we get:

-------------- = Money

Thus, If Work is held constant as a positive number (no matter how small!) Money approaches infinity as Knowledge approaches zero.

What this means is:

All else being equal, the less you know, the more you make



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Years ago, there was a manager in my office whose computer was taken away. Every time she used it, she majorly EFFED UP something. It cost $$$$$ to fix her eff-ups. The worthless POS actually RETIRED from that company. SMDH

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Eff off to texting...I think it is the worst type of communication.

Eff off to those dog commercials that make me sad every time I see them.

Eff off to people who lie.

Eff off to eating to much sh!t during the holidays. I need to get outside and walk and eff off to that today.

But on a positive note thank you Aniki for your blogs. You help us laugh!!!!

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When I hear that Sarah McLachlan song I can't change the channel fast enough. 

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One thing that sucks about texting is the expectation that you respond IMMEDIATELY.

My DH only carries his phone on his person when he's driving or out in public. He cannot carry one at work (grounds for termination). At home, it's usually in his work bag so he isn't disturbed during his much-needed sleep. I cannot tell you how many have griped to him about his delayed response to a text. He has not one f*ck to give about it. LOL!

Thank you, hon! xoxo

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I received a very nice gift card from my bosses for the holidays.  Before I could use it, the funds had been spirited away.  

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Apparently the theives get the number from the back of the gift cards before the cards have been sold and then wait for someone to purchase and add funds to the card.  Then they proceed to use PayPal to direct the funds to an account.

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Eff off to incompetent, nitpicking arsehole managers - and why oh why do the effers end up getting promoted - oh yes that’s right - it’s because the minions (like me) sort their shit out!

eff off to coming second at interview to a moron with far less experience than me because she spent the last month brown nosing everyone - so I’m stuck temping. 

Love your blogs Aniki. 

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Or steal YOUR ideas as their own. I have fond memories of deliberately getting on a former boss's sh!t list. She tried to claim my hard work as her own. When the CEO asked for more info, she simpered sweetly that she'd have to look into it. I raised my hand and the CEO said, "Yes, Aniki?" I informed him I had all of the necessary research. "You do?? When did you do it?" "Shortly after I gave the initial research to Miss Simper." I started looking for another job shortly thereafter and left 4 months later. MY idea was implemented before I gave notice.

Thank you, Fluff! 

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F off to CANCER is right. F off to Chemo--it's killing my sibling. I lost one to Leukemia years ago now another one is trying to hold on.

F off to anyone who writes OR speaks using one or two words. Example someone came up to me and said  "Entrance code". . Hey dingdong, is there a question in there somewhere. What has this world come to. Lately I am hearing and seeing this more and more.  WTH lol

Bm's who refuse to follow directions of the court AND get away with it.

I will leave it at that.

F off to an old friend I have known most of my adulthood,  who dumps about her life in strings of texts, then suddenly ghosts for weeks. SHe doesnt say HEY GOTTA RUN...she just disappears...WTH. My mouth is dropped on the floor. Thank God I am not the only one she does this to.

 Time for me to tell her it is not working for me any longer. see ya'








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I'm so sorry, GL. That sucks in too many ways. {{{hugs}}} and prayers.

You should respond to those dingdongs in an equally baffling manner.
dingdong: Entrance code
GL: Nose mitten

That's annoying. 

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I hope you're getting that treated. Infections are scary; especially ones in the head. xo