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They got the apartment!

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Little Idiot and Goofy were approved to rent an apartment at some apartment complex to the tune of $1200/month. No idea what the going rate is in FL (if this is a nice complex, or not) or why anyone would rent to them but I am glad they were accepted and have someplace to live (that's not with me)! Hopefully all goes well and this further cements her out of my house!


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I'm glad for you and them but which of them has $1200 per month for rent?  LI is a student and part-time worker, right?  And Goofy is a part-time bartender?  Just being nosy but its a wonder.

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Apparently they must make decent tips? LI said she's responsible for half the rent and Goofy is going to pay the other half and all the utilities... maybe he will be picking up extra bartending shifts?

Anyway they must not have checked into her debt to income ratio (just took her income). Probably between the two of them, with tips their income just made it over the 3x. 

That is all I can figure tbh. 

ETA now she may also pick up extra shifts to make the rent for all I know... but I can't imagine working more will make her college easier... somehow they are managing to squeak by... we will see if they eventually hit a wall

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There are many ifs here: if he can get more bartending hours, if she can work more.  IF things go south, your DH will need to stay strong in the event of emergency financial requests.  It's grow up time for LI and Goofy IF DH can stay strong.

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I think the going rate in FL can vary greatly depending on where you are.  We're looking at a small town (not a rich or fancy one) in SWFL and $1200 would be a bargain. Demand far exceeds supply. I don't know how people afford it, since the jobs there are mostly blue collar and service jobs.

I hope for your sake that LI and Goofy make their rent every month.

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I was wrong, the rent is apparently $1450/month. It's in the Orlando area. 

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There's not a "secret" cosigner involved.

I have two duplexes in a small town which once was a bedroom community for Xerox.  It's now mostly lower end blue collar and a lot of residents are on some form of assistance.

A 2 bdrm unit INCLUDING all utilities at FMR is $1186.

I have two large 3 bdrm units NOT including utilities except for water and sewer/trash removal which go for between $1000 to $1090.  

My two bdrm units are at $875 not including gas and electric.   These are 1870 very large houses that have been completely rehabbed (new electric,plumbing, drywall, etc.) with few amenities (fewer things to break) off street non garage parking.  Close to the I90 and Route 104.

Units range from  1100 to 1500 sq ft.

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This apartment is a LOT smaller and more expensive (actually $1450/month) but I think in FL apartments go for more apparently. Utilities are not included in the price.

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In my area its 1,800 and up for a studio or 1 bedroom.

I remember the time Toxic Troll moved from one apartment to another, and asked Husband to write her a check for 1,000 to add artificial income, telling him she would never deposit it. Hard no, lol.

Its possible someone was dumb enough to do that for LI.


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In SoCal mainly bc of nice weather... and all the anti property owner laws don't help either.   Florida also has the nice weather too.  Other than mudslides, earthquakes, forest fires, tornados and hurricanes that is. 

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The cost of housing in CA is insane. I don't know how anyone can afford to live there (which is a shame because it's a beautiful state). 

It's possible Goofy's mom is helping with the rent. She may have also co-signed for them. I have no idea. 

Little Idiot may be able to afford her half of the rent (if he pays everything else) but it's going to put a huge dent in her spending and ability to pay down her credit cards. 

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It's actually $1450 and over $1500 with the "fees" this place charges. 

Looking at the reviews it doesn't seem like a nice place and they also have a major cockroach problem there!

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Wouldn't you love to be a little mouse (or cockroach) to watch LI and Goofy cope with the extra work hours, balancing work and school, the rent and bills, the bug problem, the neighbors and all the rest?  Lol.

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Oh yes plus taking care of a cat (I can see them arguing about cleaning the litter box .... I feel so bad for the poor thing), keeping the apartment clean, Goofy's volatile behavioral issues (especially when he's stressed and is responsible for half the rent plus all the utilities- I can see him getting resentful/annoyed with her especially if he also has to do the cleaning and cooking), having to now buy groceries and laundry detergent and all the rest... welcome to the real world.

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All they need now is a baby.  Lol.  Aren"t you glad you live far away?

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Adulting!  From time to time I see the feral's cousin's social media accounts and they all complain about adulting!

"I shouldn't have to work in the winter"

"I wish I could be taken care of like when I was a child"

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where you are renting.

We kept our home in Houston.  We will not rent it. It is our retirement home and neither of us want anyone else living in it.  

We rent in LV.  2Br, 2Ba, 2 car garage 1245Ft^2 in a gated community. Our condo is on the golf course.  Initially it was $1424/mo and when we renewed after a year it went up to $1575.  Still not bad but.... not what I would consider reasonable by any means.  We did get the F&F discount for the first year.  The property management company we rent through is owned by one of my little brother's HS BFFs.  The owner is a Canadian who waffles between keeping it as a retirement winter home or selling it. We will consider purchasing it if she wants to sell it.  Now that LV housing prices are backing off of the insane prices they were at a year+ ago. 

We all are graduates of the same Military School and there is some built in benefits when doing business with other alumni.

When we were on our Expat adventure for 8yrs we rented our home. 3050Ft^2, 4Br, 2.5Ba, 2 Car grg, gated community, lake front lot (ornamental lake not recreational).  Initially we rented it for $2250/mo. After a couple of years we raised it to $2300/mo. We had unicorn renters. They rented it for 7yrs and when they moved out the home looked like no one had lived in it.

With the tightening of foreclosure and eviction rules, I would not rent a property that I owned.  Neither would I owner finace.  Not without a top secret Fort Knox background check with years of rent history, referrals, character witnesses and a massive prepaid deposit, prepaid repair allowance, and prepaid first&last mo rent.


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LI and Goofy won't discover that NY is 1000 times more pro tenant than FL!  Since 2019:

1. You can't screen based on evictions...all eviction records are sealed.

2.  You can only collect one months rent for security deposit; Illegal to collect 1st and last months rent.

3.  Landlord has to give tenant 60 to 90 days notice if they are not renewing or increasing the rent.   Tenant only has to give 30 days notice to leave.

4.  Application fees can only be $20 maximum.

5.  Late rent fees can only be fifty dollars or 5% of the rent whichever is less.

6.  Unable to "discriminate" against income source such as rental subsidies.

7.  There is no more 3 days notice to pay rent or quit it is now 14 days.

8.  You must send any late rent notice certified mail and only after the 6th of the month.

9.  There are restrictions on how much you can raise the rent even in non rent controlled areas.

10.  You must return the tenant's security deposit and a letter with itemized amounts taken out within 14 days after the tenant moves out.

11.  Tenant has the ability to request repeated move in and move out inspections both before the lease is signed (after the initial showing) and before the tenant completely moves out.

12.  If the tenant breaks the lease they can do so under certain conditions Such as domestic violence, military or going to a senior housing facility.

13.  The tenant will not be held responsible for the rest of the lease if they break it as the landlord has the responsibility to try to re rent the unit as soon as possible.   (Which is a laugh because it takes me 2 months to find a decent tenant)

14.  Evictions can be stayed for a year if the tenant is undergoing a hardship such as doesn't want to move from the school district!  (basically another free ride for a year and an eviction moratorium)

Not only that but "good cause" eviction legislation is back on the state table!  In other words,  you can't just agree to not renew the lease.  So if somebody is paying their rent but is extremely anti social and causing a lot of problems in the neighborhood, you can not simply "not renew" the lease on that person, especially if the judge is tenant sympathetic...a lot like "family" court for fathers.

AAAAANNNNDDD now you know why rent is so high.  Not to mention skyrocketing insurance, utilities, legal costs, maintenance/repair/building material, property taxes, interest rates, etc.

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Yeah NY is about the worst state to be a landlord in. I do have a few things working in my favor however.... Goofy HATES the cold, there's no colleges for LI to attend, malls or retail to shop, or restaurants that pay anything within in a 1 hour radius of my house, other things are cheaper in FL, FL in general has newer/better stores and entertainment, LI hates driving in the snow.... and even if they DID move back to NY, they'd likely be a hour away from me by her brother. 

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It is business centric.  Accountability is present in nearly every law and in the courts.  SHit tennants end up living in the homeless camps.  Toxic Xs get spanked fairly regulary in court.  Though of course there are always exceptions.

We had the Unicorn land lord experience when we rented our home out for 8 years while we were doing our Expat adventure.  When they moved out, you could not tell they had ever  been there.  Though they did violate the no pet clause.  Even then, you couldn't tell they had a dog.

It sounds like being divorced with kids or a landlord in NY are things to be avoided at nearly all cost.


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I know almost nothing about renting, neither from the landlord nor tenant side, but when my daughter owned a duplex in Texas 25 years ago and had a non-paying tenant, the legal process was fast.  I think the tenant was out within a couple weeks.  It seemed like landlord heaven.