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Family cut us out.

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My in laws have cut my husband and I and our daughter from family celebrations. I am devasted. My husband is divorced from his ex wife as she had affair. (Long story short) he has 3 kids from previous marriage and we had trouble from the start of our relationship as they and his ex wife didn’t like him meeting me. We then had our daughter and the step kids became very jealous. Especially the eldest daughter. Her and the ex wife did everything they could to split family and in the end we had no relationship with all step kids because it became so toxic that effected our daughter.

Ex wife trouble

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my husbands ex wife is trying to be over friendly. We haven’t had anything to do with her for years and recently we are in her company for family occasions. We are happy to be civil as understand that it’s important when attending celebrations with adult step kids and grandchildren, however she is being too familiar with us. My husband absolutely detests her due to troubles and lies she has told in the past. She is very manipulating. She had affair and left him and has never admitted it to hers and his family.