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My plate isn't full, it's overflowing.

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I will just jump right into this rant.

So, DH and I planned to do a mini vacation/getaway with the skids (he has them the entire week of the July 4th). Somewhere low key. I took the week off... using the last of my available vacation days for the summer.

DH gets a call last week... he was offered a new position at work! Better money, great opportunity... it is a great thing, however, he can't get the week off now. He fought long and hard in court for that week with the skids and he certainly doesn't want to give it up. He works 3rd shift (sleeps 8 AM to 3 PM ish) so he will have half days with them but I will be waking up with them every morning and putting them to bed. WHAT A VACATION THAT IS!

Overall, I am so happy about the job situation that I am okay with this. I just want to make sure I set a little bit of time aside for myself to relax and feel like I am on vacation. We are also helping out with his sister's kids (since she had her heart transplant last week). This weekend I had 4 of her kids at the house, ages 8, 14, 15 (special needs) and 17. She has a large blended family... the background story is too long and complicated to get into. Let's just say... she's made some poor choices in men over the years and doesn't have much help with the kids during this tough time, so DH and I stepped in. Excuse my French, but I am fucking exhausted.

Funny that I am a childless woman who finds myself surrounded by kids all the time. I love my nieces and nephew and am happy to take this all on, but I am tired. And I miss myself. Sometimes I think back to when I lived alone with my dog... all of the extra money... the free time... the silence. My family looks at me sideways like... why would you take all of this on? Sometimes, I don't really know. I guess because I love DH.

Anyway, wish me luck. I am trying to make this most of this summer and look on the bright side. My SIL's health issues have truly shaken me and taught me NOT TO SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF.


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My kids are my own and I still need a break so I can imagine. my oldest 3 got invited to a sleepover party at a neighbors who did this camping theme with tents in the backyard Saturday night. 7 pm couldn't come fast enough!!!!!!!!!!!! I get you!

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When he gets up after sleep then he can take over for a few hours with all the kids and you get a few hours to your self
Try to plan something nice each day even if it is just a walk so you have some time by yourself

Congrats to him on new job! He is working hard for his family !

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I agree with considering cancelling your vacation. He'll have days & you won't now. I'd go to work so we could actually go on a vacation together. I wouldn't use all of my vacation days to watch someone else's kids. Either way, you deserve some you time & some you & DH alone time, with what you've already done, let alone if you watch his kids.