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Brag Time!

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I have no kids in my house for the next 6 days! Yep... me and SO and all the us time we need! Brewery tours after work, dinner with OUR friends, R rated movies, loud sex- whenever we want! 

Sorry, my kids are hitting puberty and are real azzholes lately- love them but HOLY CRAP roller coaster emotions are insane! SS17 (special needs) moves in to our house in about 6 weeks so this is our vacation before that happens and we never have a kid free house again...  We are going to have to start planning a yearly vacation for just the 2 of us. 


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Enjoy!! Yahoo

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SO and SS15 left this morning for a week so it is just me and furbabies!  I miss SO but not having SS15 in the house for a week is a sacrifice I have to make.

Man in love

Enjoy your alone time!  We all deserve it

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Ugh.  MW14 was here all week for spring break.  Of course she couldnt spend time at her friends', she doesnt want to relinquish control of our house.