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BM1 Resurfaced

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I guess she sent SS19 (special needs) a flurry of texts a couple of days ago about him "knowing the truth". She sent a bunch of screenshots of 1 GAL report (out of the 10 or so that they had) where this one thought BM1 should have regular visitation. The rest all said supervised or none at all. This report was from when he was 7. 

We explained some things to him about all the other reports and told him that there was never any doubt that his mother loved/loves him. She just has never been stable, sober, or on her psychiatric meds long enough to be in his life. He said he understood. 

We also preemptively warned him about the "rape". We have a feeling that will be her next move after this didn't work. She claims that DH raped her because she was 16 and he was 18 and it was a one nighter in a corn field after graduation. BM lied to DH and said she went to a different school and had just graduated too. She also insisted they get married as soon as she found out she was pregnant but DH was on his way to boot camp so it took a few months for him to be able to marry her (like the good little church boy he was). BM has 8 other kids, custody of none. BM's SM said that she has accused all of the fathers of rape as soon as she gets mad at them because they leave her crazy ass. We told him to please don't take our work for it, just call "Grandma P" and she will tell you. It is just what his mom does...

He said he didn't need to, that he knows his mom is just crazy. Then he left the room. I feel so bad for him. As crazy as he drives me this is the shit that makes me really want to move forward with the adult adoption. 


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It truly is heartbreaking how BM just pops in and out, tries to put sh!t in his head and disappears again so you all can pick up the pieces. I'm glad he has his father and you in his life to give him all the love, care and stability that he needs. It would be great if she'd just stay gone so you can all move forward without her toxic BS.

Wishing you all the best!

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After the third confiscated child, judges really should consider sterilization....

It's disgusting that a creature such as this can continue to breed.

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It's happened to serial breeders who were deadbeat men, but I don't remember ever hearing about a woman being ordered a tubal.

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At least tubes tied! 

I only say that because my hysterectomy was horrible. Although, maybe they should be punnished like that!

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Yeah, I typed hysterectomy at first, but on second thought that may be extreme lol. I'd make an exception for this one, however!

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I didn't know this until last night in reading what she sent but the kid closest in age to SS live with her ex "stepdad". BM didn't know who her father was, she is blind (BM did drugs) and the other child has FAS really badly. The father of kid #3 took on kid #2 as well. He is technically her foster parent but he has had her since right after the other one was born. 

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beebeel you are spot on, but it will never happen because offering this common sense solution would create an uproar with the ult right. Reproductive freedom is a touchy topic.

Years ago, there was a non profit group in the Los Angeles area that offered a stipend and free sterilizations to a "certain class of women". Their focus was problematic serial breeders with large numbers of children they did not support -  train wrecks like the OP's BM who were an enormous financial drain on multiple public agencies. Imagine one woman, a drug user with 11 kids, no baby daddies, all on welfare and Medicaid, CPS and the foster system involved, etc. The women were offered a couple hundred dollars as an incentive. IMO, this is a win win, and similar to the catch-spay/neuter-release program that helps keep our feral cat population down. The program was working - until some misguided bleeding hearts found out about it and were appalled. Their pov was that these poor women were being coerced to give up their god-given reproductive rights, and they brought enough bad press down on the organization that the program was discontinued.