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SS16 got a job or DH’s life is over

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So SS16 got a part-time job – awesome! He’ll work a couple of weekday evenings and Saturdays. He got his driver’s license last week and part of getting the license was that he was to get a job to pay for gas and insurance. So cool that SS16 followed through.

Anyway DH and I are talking about how this will affect our plans (as we have plans to be out of town for the last weekend in June and the 4th).

DH: We’ll just have to stay home.

ME: You can stay home; I’m going to get out of dodge as planned. And why should SS11 be penalized because SS16 got a job?

DH: SS16 can stay here and use our car to go back and forth to work.

ME: I’m not comfortable with that.

DH: Why? He’s responsible.

ME: Like when he leaves his bedroom windows open with the shades down? Or when he forgets to shut and lock BM’s front door he leaves for school in the morning? Or when he forgets his house keys?

DH: Well what should we do then?

ME: I think you should stay home with SS16 and join us when SS16’s done with work on Saturday. For the 4th I think we should go as planned and you should drive SS16 back on Friday night then after SS16 finishes work on Saturday drive back. Or he could stay with BM as it was her weekend anyway (she always offers us the boys for the “drinking” holidays – Memorial Day, the 4th, Labor Day).

Ultimately I think you/we need to talk to SS16 and see what he wants to do. You will also need to talk to BM about how this will work when it’s our weekend and we’re out of town or it’s BM’s weekend and she’s out of town. We also need to talk to SS16 and tell him what our expectations are when SS16 uses our car or stays here alone.

DH: This is going to be a PITA.

On a side note SS16 already told his employer he wasn’t available for the week of Boy Scout camp and for our week of vacation. BM is pissed because SS16 didn’t ask off for her week of vacation. Too funny. Thanks Karma.



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Im thinking Im gonna be having an issue very similiar to this.

SD17 has no car why because she waited until SM (me) got her a job instead of going to get one her self. She should have been working over a year ago and she would have a car.

Now DH is carting her ass back and forth to work which is only about 3 miles down the road which isnt an issue but 10pm on a Saturday night that my kids are with their Dad is. Because if DH expects me to stay local or for us to leave social events or date nights to run back to town to get her he is sadly mistaken. I see he and I driving seperately alot in the coming months.

And I dont give a hoot what he does with her while Im on vacation he will have to work that out with her grandparents who by the way are not 3 miles away

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I totally agree with you. A parent's life does not stop because a teenage got a job. It's called growing up.

The thing is the place SS16 is working at is right by BM's house. SS16 can ride his bike to work. Whereas we live across town and he has to drive to get there from our place.

We own a summer house 3 hours away, it's been in my family since before I was born. DH is a turd if he thinks I'm giving up my weekends away because SS16 has to work.

When I was SS16's age my parents left me home on the weekends when I had to work. My aunt would stop by to check on me and the house but my parents lives didn't revolve around my working. I think the same should apply to SS16.


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"We own a summer house 3 hours away, it's been in my family since before I was born. DH is a turd if he thinks I'm giving up my weekends away because SS16 has to work."

Yeah I agree. NO WAY would I give up my vacay if SK's had to work - DH can stay home and babysit them - which will likely never happen anyway - cretin SK's refuse to work...