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Sort of OT - HS Certificate of Completion

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instead of a diploma.

Does anyone else live in FL (or another state) that will give a child a certficiate of completion instead of a diploma if they do not pass certain standardized testing? I have a very strong feeling that my SD is not going to actually graduate this year. In FL you must pass the Language Arts test at a Level 3 and the Algebra test to receive a diploma. She has taken the Lang. Arts test since 10th the grade, 4 times, and only scores a level 1. I do not see her miraculously passing this year (senior year) since they no longer put her in the remedial/intensive classes to help her pass.

My question is, does the school let the parent(s) know ahead of time? How far in advance? Enough time before the final test of the year is administered so they can attempt to tutor and help?

I am freaking out that she won't graduate and if she doesn't decide to live with BM, how in the h3ll will she ever be able to support herself and move out of our house?

I must add that DH has his head in the sand about all of this. Back when she was in elementary school I voiced my concerns and he ignored them. In middle school, my voice got louder and he ignored them. I quit trying and disengaged when she was in the 7th grade. DH did admit to me a few weeks ago that he knows she isn't very smart but that was all. This issue is deeper than just not being very smart though. She is not going to have any kind of productive future and WTH can I do about it? Depending on what happens in the next few years, THIS situation could be the end of my marriage.


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They can not keep kids in school forever,  The school want the students out at 18 one way or another. 

You or DH as a parent must get off your backside and make a appointment with SD guidance counselor and see what’s going on with her.  What course she passed failed. What she needs to graduate.  This of course should of started in the first year  of H.S,  Not wait  until it’s too late to do anything.  The faster you get there the better it is.  Being disengage means you send DH to the appointment to get the facts.  

If SD actually graduated or not does not really matter,  She must get out on her own ASAP after HS.  Not your kid not your problem.  You did not create or play into a dysfunctional kid,  

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There is only so much a SM can do. I do not have any legal rights to her educational choices even though I am married to her dad. I have tried for YEARS to get DH to open his damn eyes, but he doesn't want to see it. I think he knows I am right, but is holding out hope that she just "wakes up" one day.

That is why my question isn't about what he should have done years ago. It is what, if anything, can HE do now. I cannot and will not waste anymore of my time trying to force him into seeing the obvious. I have my own 14 stb15 year old, freshman sons to worry about. I want to know if the school will even contact DH/BM or will it just be a surprise at on graduation day?

My DH has been an A$$ with all of this. It almost ruined our marriage 6-7 years ago actually. I disengaged. Not my monkey not my zoo, but IF she cannot get a job, then she has the potential to ruin my "empty nest" future and I do not think I can handle that.

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I don't know the answers to your specific questions, but I'm curious.  Did she have any kind of IEP?  In our area, kids who had IEPs can continue to get career and similar services after graduation (or non-graduation, in your case).   Is this kid not smart enough to pass the testing (in which case she should have had an IEP) or is she a lazy type who put in no effort, had excessive absences, etc. and therefore can't pass the testing?  

Have she or her parents looked into any career or vo-tech programs?  What kind of job training programs does your local community college have?  What kind of jobs, if any, has she had so far?   

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That's just it, she does NOT have an IEP and the school has never contacted DH (that I am aware of) regarding her potential failure. The thing is she passes her classes just fine, but does not retain information well enough to pass the standardized testing. It baffles me that she is on the verge of not recieving a diploma and SDs parents have not heard a word about it from the school. (with the new family access for parents, we can see ALL our kids' testing scores since the 3rd grade; she hasn't passed the required Language Arts)

In 5th grade DH did listen to me, bc SD was failing every single class, and we went and talked to the school. They put her in another class, she started passing. That teacher quit (I think she got fired for passing ALL students) and then SD started failing again, but brought her grades up just enough to move on to 6th grade. It seems crazy, I know, but this child has been left behind by the school district AND her dad.

I believe she just doesn't care bc daddy has never cared. Her mother is also a lost cause to push her to succeed. BM is almost 40, doesn't drive, and job hops from places like Dunkin' Donuts, Pizza, Hut, and Hot Topic. SD hasn't gotten her first job yet (even though she was supposed to at 16). She used to want to go into culinary arts, had the opportunity last year bc I did all the work to get her in (DH was out of town and the school screwed up. She had been accepted but they somehow didn't get it on her schedule, so I did all the calling and whatnot) only to have her quit after ONE DAY! Her reason was she just wasn't ready. When asked what her plans are after high school, she stares blankly and has no answers. It's not that I expect her to have her whole future planned out, but she has zero interests in anything. No plans, nothing. She isn't even excited about being a senior this year. It is all very odd to me.

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Found this online

In  Florida, a high school "Certificate of Completion" is a document given to a student who has completed all the necessary coursework to graduate from high school but hasn't met other requirements to receive a standard diploma. Florida generally does not recognize holders of completion certificates as "high school graduates," so its state universities won't admit such students.

You’ll need her to buy into the concept of why a diploma is better than a certificate of completion if you decide to spring for tutoring to pass the assessment. Otherwise you are wasting your money. 

DH needs to get an appointment with her guidance counselor and find out what options are available through the school system. He can bring you if he wishes (without his presence or written consent, guidance most likely will not talk to you even though you are the only one who has actually cared about her education).



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This I know! I have done lots of research myself about this whole thing. As soon we were able to login to the new school system and I saw her test scores. My stomach dropped and I've been in a terrible mood. I casually mentioned to DH on Saturday that SD hadn't passed the required test yet and explained what that meant. He just goes quiet and changes the subject. When we talk in general about what happens after high school he is on the same page as I am about the kids. No freeloading, they have choices of school, military, or working full-time and moving out after 6 months. I have a strong feeling those views will change if princess cannot do any of the above though. This crap is literally making me sick to my stomach.

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I live in FL.  Our school system is sh*t about communicating anything other than lockdowns and football.  My OBS bombed a midterm for US history last fall and we didn't know a thing until we got the summer school letter.  He only went for 3 days, passed the segments and was done.

Your DH has the right to contact SD's school to find out her progression or regression as the case may be. Honestly, she can work at Walmart with no education at all .  Won't be an enjoyable life, but I know people who do this.

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How the standards have been dumbed down to less than that of an earthworm!

This is what happens when kids are treated as pets and not budding adults with responsibilities.  The 3 ferals have IEPs so they go to summer school, skip school during the regular school year and "graduate" well below the normal standards.