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Parenting time Interference.

In July, BM emailed DH and asked to take ss3 and ss10 out of state to visit their great gma over thanksgiving break. DH asked if there was a better time because:

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DH not listed as a guardian

DH was in an IEP meeting for SS10 with BM and the principal and other teachers yesterday.

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Twin SD5 Bday

This year is DH's year to spend with his children on their birthdays. The order specifies that he gets them from 5pm-8pm.

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BM sucks at coparenting

What on earth do you do when a parent refuses to co parent?

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Prune Your Plants

If you fail to prune a plant, much of its energy will go to maintaining parts of it which are already dead; thus, taking away nutrients from the parts that are clinging on to life.

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Dear DH-

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Our Family Wizard

Has anyone used OurFamilyWizard?

Have you had success with it?

was it ordered through the courts?

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dental update

Lord make me a bird so I can fly far far away from here.......

DH called the dentist.

and guess the hell what??????????????????

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Can he!

DH needs more time to look into the dental work that is so urgent for twinSD5. Can he call the dentist and ask to postpone the procedure?

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BM, Mediation and someone bring me a stiff one....

If BM's mouth is open, she's lying.