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Help with Boys


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A Few More Hours

Just a few more hours 'til we take skids home.

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Would you just purchase it for him?

BM bought an item for SS9 while they were on vacation. SS9 needed help from dad putting it together and DH helped him when he came over-- a common occurrence and no big deal.

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But the CO Says... **Update**

I like to complain. I really do. Sometimes it feels good to just bitch. It's like the verbal equivalent to chocolate or something.

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But the CO says....

I never want to be that BM who throws the CO in my Ex's face. But sometimes, I am like, "Wtf?? the CO says....."

I'm struggling with the phone contact situation...

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I don't know what to do: UPDATE


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I don't know what to do


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BM says....

I really think BM is gonna eff up her kids in the long run.

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How long....

So, for any SM's out there, how long does it take for your skids to settle into your home and way of doing things when they are there for a visit or back from the other parent's house?

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The sense of victory we feel after not responding to TWO rude and nasty emails from BM yesterday.

Feels good.

Anyone ever feel a sense of accomplishment from that or things like it?