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Trying to stay calm

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My husband and I and our kids' mom have a pretty friendly co-parenting relationship at this point. It used to be very hostile between them and we used to not share any sort of information at all. Now with the relationship being a lot nicer, their mom is more open about sharing what is going on in her life and problems while I do not like sharing any sort of personal problems. I don't mind talking about some aspects of my life (works, school, kids). 


Privacy/Snooping in marriage

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This subject came up in my last post and since it’s a big issue currently in my marriage I would welcome some feedback.

What amount of privacy should each of you as individuals have in marriage? Share everything, share most, mostly keep to ourselves?

Is it ever okay to snoop? Look thru things of the other secretly? This is probably a bad sign of trust in a marriage if you do this but sometimes don’t we all get a bit suspicious?


Now is it too much!

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A follow-up to my post earlier this week when my husband announced he plans to spend at least 4 days every month with his adult kids, for reference they discinclude me so I am not invited to be part of this time away.

He now is planning another 4 day trip to see them only 2 weeks after getting back from the last one. Starting to feel like a lot to deal with!


So frusterated im abt ready to run away!

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So i have a SS who is gonna be 17 soon and him and his dad my husband acts the same ands says the same things! Either my husband is trying to act like him or SS is trying to act like his dad.  Anyways, our sex life has pretty much deminished... we have only been married for a little over a year and there are some annoying things that i just try to ignore, but turned into anger and resentment.