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Trying to stay calm

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My husband and I and our kids' mom have a pretty friendly co-parenting relationship at this point. It used to be very hostile between them and we used to not share any sort of information at all. Now with the relationship being a lot nicer, their mom is more open about sharing what is going on in her life and problems while I do not like sharing any sort of personal problems. I don't mind talking about some aspects of my life (works, school, kids). 


OT - Interrupting Husband

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DH is a good husband and a loving and involving dad, so don't get me wrong. BUT there is this one thing that just keeps pissing me off - his interrupting habit. 

I've noticed that it has been more frequent than before, many times he didn't even let me start. I would make a sound like TH- or Wh- because I intend to talk, he would then jump in, completely stop me from talking and say "I've got this." Even if he has NO IDEA what I was to say, and you bet he was wrong on many counts in terms of "guessing" what I want to say.


Hubby Rant, Sorry

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I love my DH more than anything but I just have to rant a sec.

I rarely have weekends off and when I do get them I'm super excited and extra excited when it's a step kid free weekend. But it always ends the same I think of something fun I'd like to do. Simple as go on a walk in the park. I don't ask for much but this is how it always plays out.


My husband 13 year old son!!

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I am about to lose my husband because of his 13 year old son. He moved in with us a year ago without my consent; my husband didn't talk to me about this before it happened, he conveniently threw it in during a conversation 5 minutes before his son knocked on the door with his clothes. I have tried for a year to get over this but I can't. I have a 12 year old growing daughter who is no relation to this kid and I am not comfortable with him living in the house. He bullies her and doesn't like her. I don't know what to do, I feel like the best thing for me to do is seperate from my husband.