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She's an amazing kid BUT I CANNOT STAND HER!

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My SD is sweet and loving and caring and optimistic. She has had behavioral issues (defacating and urinating on herself, lying, extreme attention-seeking behaviors), but I know that it stems from her parenting and I really don't blame her for it. I know logically that her birth is not her fault. I know rationally that she has done nothing wrong. Sure, she's snuck snacks and used my makeup and lied about it- that's annoying, but typical for a kid! She hasn't done anything that's atypical for an 8yo kid. Honestly compared to most kids she's truly amazing.


Privacy/Snooping in marriage

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This subject came up in my last post and since it’s a big issue currently in my marriage I would welcome some feedback.

What amount of privacy should each of you as individuals have in marriage? Share everything, share most, mostly keep to ourselves?

Is it ever okay to snoop? Look thru things of the other secretly? This is probably a bad sign of trust in a marriage if you do this but sometimes don’t we all get a bit suspicious?