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Sometimes I wonder if SD is a narcissist

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DH loves his DD15 and I love DH. He thinks she is wonderful in every way and I think we all feel that about about our own kids to an extent. I try to see her as he sees her. I seek out the positive traits in her and then hold onto them - sometimes desperately. She is very intelligent. She gets good grades and makes a natural leader. She is quick to defend those who are intellectually disadvantaged from being bullied. She is athletic and good at basketball. She supports her teammates and motivates them to do their best.


Is BM a mind-reader??

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It seems like whenever my SO and I make plans or have something to do, BM suddenly needs to drop-off SS and we cannot say 'no'. I understand that it could simply be a coincidence, but this seems to happen more and more. SO and I have not had the chance to spend quality time together recently (we've been swamped with work, birthday parties for our friends children, etc.). SS came to visit last weekend, and this weekend was going to be our time alone. We even had tickets to see a baseball game...we were excited to be able to take a load off and to relax.


New here and need to vent

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I find myself becoming so angry over the smallest things. I’m currently on mat leave and 16 weeks pp so it could be hormones lol so bare with me. Two SS 9 and 12. Both have adjusted well to me being in the picture as it’s been a few years but now that I’m home all day and have the stress from the baby I find myself getting so irritated with the older SS. He is very irresponsible ( a 12 year old can pick up after himself and should learn to do things after being asked/told repeatedly). I express my concerns to hubby but he brushes them off and I feel I’m not taken seriously.