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Keeping the Pace

I have been busy the past few days just trying to "maintain" things in the household. I finished off the taxes but had to keep going back to check the status of the etaxes to check for the acceptance which I completed this morning. My DH is receiving harassing emails from his ex that she hasn't received this month's suppt even though it always gets mailed regularly. We started sending her money orders because she was so nasty about saying she didn't get the checks. So, now I have to get a tracer done on the money order. The "ex" says she is going to file paperwork against my husband to have his wages garnished because she hasn't received support (this is the first time this has ever happened). It is almost $700 that is lost in the mail, not surprising that it is spinning in the postal system, considering it is tax time. Couldn't happen to a nicer person, either. Smiling In all likelihood I'll have to pay her again on Friday. Anyways, she claims, if she doesn't get the money today she is going to file paperwork for support to be garnished from his wages even though it is only 2 weeks late and this is the first time but I expect she will try and file some bogus charges she is such a liar. But, the court won't let her file until he is 30 days in arrears, and I won't let that happen. So, she will be out of luck. She has done everything possible that she could to sabotage anything we could have done to salvage the relationship with my SD.

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Sunny Days

I am fairly determined to have a good weekend so weather permitting, by grace it will happen. I finished and efiled taxes today and just will run an errand to purchase a bathing suit. The weather should be up in the 90's this weekend so I am looking forward to going swimming for awhile and also taking me dogs to play in the water. I bought 2 kiddie wading pools for the dogs to play and lay in so they could cool off. Seems like a lot of people here in this region have been doing the same. I am anxious to see how the puppy will react as I know he already likes to play with the garden hose.

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Starting Over

Well, things have calmed down somewhat with my daughter. I think she knows what she did with the garbage cans, recycle bin and mat were childish and that she was only trying to cause conflict between my boyfriend and I. She has been on her best behavior after I told her that I wasn't going to be forced to make a choice between her and my boyfriend, there is no choice and I love them both and her and my boyfriend's daughter are not going to break us up - we're in it for the long haul.

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My Productive Day

Hi All,
Well, I had a pretty productive day all on my own. I took my DH's truck in for an oil change and drove to another town about 20 minutes away and they checked the truck and changed the oil in 15 minutes. But, amazingly I was completely flabberghasted when the manager came out from the service bay and told me that hardly any oil drained from the truck. I asked him a couple of times if he was sure, and also did he see any leaks. I have been after my DH to make sure the truck is full for oil, particularly since we tow our trailer with this vehicle. Needless to say, I was about fit to be tied when he gives me grief about my car, which is always maintenanced. My car gets dusty inside, but at least, I didn't use the excuse today he gave me, that the oil light wasn't on! And this is after we just have been looking at a brand new F250 Diesel 4x4 King Rancher Crew Cab, Year 2006 at two different dealers lately. I was just boggled.

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Darn genetics!!!

Has anyone else had to try to love a child who looks so much like his mother that you can't see him as anything but a reminder of your husband's baggage? Thankfully, my little SS is beginning to look more like his daddy, but for a long time, the kid was a frightening spitting image of his mother and I actually resented him for it.

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Getting hitched in five weeks... and his ex- is digging in

Well, our wedding is just five weeks away and my darling's ex-wife has started to pull some punches. She and I have always gotten along well and I've appreciated that because I know how awful it can be. We've always told each other how much we appreciate each other's parenting styles and I've always been sincere about it. I've never feared that she might want my fiance back--she was the one to initiate their separation and divorce--but it seems that, as our wedding gets closer, she's actually having a hard time with my guy moving on and being happy without her. She seems to have more reasons to call our house lately... Odd, huh?

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Trying to Make the Best of Things

Half the week is over already and I have really been on a roller coaster here at home. With any luck, my husband will get his work situation sorted out, and quit bringing his attitude and problems home. Today, I went back to the doctor's about the problem with my ankle collapsing and they started blood testing because they are thinking not only is the problem orthopedic--with the ankle--but also some kind of joing connective tissue disease that is affecting my joints--in particular my both my ankles and wrists which are swollen up as well.

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Another Tantrum

Well, I can't seem to get on an even pace with my spouse. He has been nearly impossible to deal with, live with, or be around with. It's like walking on eggshells. He hears things that aren't even said, and blows up for no reason. Now it is getting the only peace I have is when he is at work. I can't have an opinion about anything or it sets him off on another of his immature temper tirades. The person who steps out the door and into the office are two different people. And the stresses and unhappiness he feels at the office he brings home and directs at me. I have no where to go.

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Do your step-children ever..

say that they wish YOU were their Mother, instead?

This hasn’t happened yet, and I hope it never does! But something that happened over the weekend got me thinking about how I would handle this. My step kids could easily be mistaken for my bios. They have both always been quick to point out to strangers that I’m not their Mother if the topic comes up.

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Reflections from the Weekend

Well, I had another one of those evenings over the weekend when my husband blew up for no apparent reason, left the house, post haste, leaving with me with all 3 dogs, albeit one being the puppy getting around on 3 legs. All the dogs and I looked at him like he was from Mars....he is not happy at work, still bringing it all home. I have nowhere to escape. Nowhere to even turn. I won't call my parents and tell them about it. It just keeps happening too frequently. I figure eventually he will come back after an hour, but the apologies do get old and don't mean much. This time he was so mad he told me I was retarded. It hurts. And I don't feel that I deserve to be treated like this. It's how I know deep within myself, I am going to get back on my feet and get another job so that I am not beholden to anyone.