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Frustrated with BM

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My husband and I are back in court with the BM. She wants custody of the children again. Five years ago she gave up custody voluntarily now she is claiming that circumstances have changed. We have a GAL and the BM has the GAL convinced that she is "Supermom". When in reality she is just the opposite. We have not been to the final hearing yet but my husband and I don't ahave a good feeling about what the GAL'S determination will be. She has been arrested and conviced of a felony, lied, stole from the food stamp program, manipulated the children it goes on and on.

What do I do??

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So fiancee finally called BM and tried to sort things out about FSS...and we found out what this child is saying when he goes home...apparantly I stick his head in the toilet to punish him, and I say mean things to him, he also doesn't "like my bd and me" . The whole reason for the phone call was because yesterday at dinner time the deal was if the kids finished their food they could go outside...well FSS didn't finish his food so I told him "well now you can't go outside" so he runs to his dad's room and says "She hurt me!

BM is still pissed

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BM is still pushing for baby to get a passport. BF refuses for many reasons - child will be too young to travel abroad (7 months old), 3 weeks without time with BF is too long, BM has said she will run off to other states to live...BF offered to take baby while BM is gone but BM claims baby is exclusively breastfed. Huge lie!

Get a life BM. Until there is a court order, they have joint custody and BF said no.

My Give A Damn's Busted

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This weekend I decided I've had it with FSS's little attitude where he thinks he can do as he pleases when he's here. I stepped up and did something about it. I'm treating him the same as I treat my daughter when she doesn't listen. If I ask for them to stop a behavior that isn't acceptable and they don't stop they get disciplined...I'm buckling down. He's been sitting in time out most of the weekend because I've just had it. He WILL get a clue that he WILL follow the rules over here or he can sit in time out the whole time.

My Wife Story.

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Having no children of my own (2 miscarriages, the 2nd nearly killed me)I was overjoyed when I found out that SD11 was coming to live with us. Yes, finally it was real. YOu see, everytime evil exwife would get sick and tired of the 2 kids -there's also a son, 15 now- she would call: "come and get these kids, I can't stand it anymore-you can have them, I'll pay child support to you".

Does the EX in your life think you are the reason they aren't with your DH anymore?

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I met my husband almost four months after his EW moved 8 hours away yet she believes that I am the reason they aren't together. It went from emails from her asking who I was (pic on myspace) and that she is happy for us to they were cheating first, to I caught them in bed together. SHe has posted that I am the reason the marriage ended. I have only met her three times of which she only spoke to me the first one. SHe wont look at me much less acknowledge me in person yet she mentions me in emails and sends me emails of praise.

Thank you...

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Anne8102 once said to me that it doesn't matter what type of mother you are single, married, step, bio, or whatever....that all that matters is that you are a GOOD mother. I think that this rings so true. I think that so many of us here are just trying so hard and I wanted to give all of you a "shout out"..... Smile

This in an old e-mail I got years ago that I reference all the time...


Huge change

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Just to let everyone know, I had Lasik surgery yesterday. Everything went fine. Still recovering, but this way I get a four day weekend!

So since July of last year, I have lost 22 lbs and had the eye surgery. Don't know if I look any better yet because I can't see, but people tell me I do!