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What a week.....

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Last week was unreal and this one is not starting out much better. Lets see where do I begin. In case you haven't read my other blogs my h2b slapped my youngest in the mouth for spitting in his face about 2 weeks ago, my ex found out and said he was going to have him arrested.

two weeks later, I'm still completely unhappy and we're officially seperated

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I don't know what to do. I don't think I can continue to live in an unhappy household. I never thought I would actually consider staying because of the love I feel for a child that isn't even mine. I still see ss everyday to help with homework and drive him where he needs to go. I know his dad won't help him and it isn't ss's fault. But then again thats the reason why I'm leaving. I feel especially bad because BM is moving out of state again. SS made a comment that all women are good for is leaving the people who need them.

The Amazing Sound of Music

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I couldn't believe it! For Easter, the family channel re-played "The Sound of Music", you know, where Maria becomes the stepmom of 7 kids! I've seen it a million times but just realized when she first got to the Von Trapp house, those kids treated her like crap too! And what did Maria do? She sat at the dinner table and "thanked" the kids for their "warm welcome" (they put a frog in her pocket). They all ended up crying and running from the table.
It finally dawned on me--GUILT!!

How could anyone EVER fault any of us for emulating Maria Von Trapp?????

Shit's gonna hit the fan in about an hour

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DK's brother told her there is a letter from me with the child support. She is on her way home now from her BF's. She called my BF earlier questioning why there is a letter from me and why I'm accusing her of being a bad Mother. Which maybe I did indirectly. BF explained I came home to the same letter. I lamb blasted both of them.

BF must be nervious, because he has not stopped talking since he got home from work. I've listened to him go on about fish oil pills and their benefit and about how they make imitation crabmeat.

My situation has caused me to go inot hide out mode.

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My DBF and I have had a wonderful relationship until recently even though we live 250 miles apart. For some reason at the mention of his EW's name I would cringe and go silent. I couldnt exactly figure it out until recently. Basically their divorce came about this way.

18 year old princess step daughter

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married for 10 years to a wonderful man with a spoiled only daughter and grand daughter. She has a mentally unstable mom,so Dad feels guilty about the divorce 12 years ago and constantly tries to make up for it. The stepdaughter is 18--going on 12. She is babied and enabled. We are spending 20,ooo per year her first year in college. She comes home every weekend (we go get her and take her back) She is very immature and dates a boy in high school-3 years younger.

Ready to bail....

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so here is my story... i remarried a guy, with some reservation who has a 8 year old son and a very involved BM. BM lives 2 blocks away in a house they picked out while going through divorce so son can be close to both parents. My husband picks up son everyday from school and BM picks son up at our home after she gets off of work. So i get the irritation of seeing her everyday or I have to arrange to not be in my own home.