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burn the house down?

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since i have been back everything has been greet between fiancee and i - not so great with his ex and the situation with the house (among other things) that has been sitting on and off the market for 2 years now. as stated in a previous post, the house has been a problem for a while. it won't sell, the ex lives in it with her BF (who has no job btw) and the 2 kids.


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Well I've just moved back from the big city (hated it) & am in total transition mode. I have a new job & a new home, even though my stuff is not moved into it yet. Until then I am staying with my parents...

Nothing important, just annoyed for no reason

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So, I don't really have anything important to say, I just need to vent b/c I'm annoyed. I'm almost 9 months pregnant and been running ALL the errands with all three Skids, DH convienently forgets appointments and activities so I get stuck doing it, whatever! Anyway, they all have dentist appointments today. And they are at three different school in three different areas of our town, annoying right? Well, yesterday I go over what time I'll be picking all of them up.

we're setting a wedding date this to handle?

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after 7 months of being angaged and all the ups and downs and work we have both done, we have decided to set a wedding date this week. i am looking for some advice on how to handle it with his kids and lunatic ex (she lost her mind when she found out we got engaged of course). we have had several talks about eloping but i hear from friends,etc that we should really try to include the kids in our wedding plans. i would love doing this but i am still having some issues with his 16yo son.

I'm ready to to file?

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I think its finally rolling up in to a tragic ending for my husband and I. My heart is broken, but I can't do this forever. I don't know what to do or how to work through this horribly painful process.
We own a business, what to do about that?
Legal advice?
How can I get through this?
I don't know if I can take this stress. Personal advice for strength?

What does "best interests of the children" really mean?

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I have been pondering this question a lot lately. The courts claim that everything they do is in the child's "best interest", not the mother's or the father's. The courts claim that they are not biased, but I see a different story. Because of the way the contempt and modification hearing went down in May, BM is now convinced that she can do whatever she wants and it's ok. DH emailed her to ask if we can transfer the booster seat that she says she has into his Dad's car if we pick SS up that way.

Talked to husband, but I'm right back to square one.

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There are so many complications with my in-laws and they have come to count on our household as being about the most neutral place they have. If I ask SD not to come, it will be seen as an attack on their entire family and me as the villian.

If I put up with her crap I will always be putting up with her crap.


I must be out of my mind.....or maybe I'm the only sane one

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So, DH finds out that SD13 has posted EXTREMELY inappropriate things on her MySpace page. Mind you, this is the MySpace account that I begged she not get b/c I was afraid of this exact thing (I told him NONE of the kids needs them and he let SS14 have it, so then I felt bad that SD13 didn't get one). AND I told him NOT to let them have the internet in their rooms b/c of this EXACT reason and of course he didn't listen and they have it in their rooms.