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Hypothetical fight...Am I crazy?

My husband of one year has brought alot of baggage to the table that I accepted openly...He has four children with three different women. He holds what he calls a "friendship" with the mother of his oldest son. I have supported a positive relationship between the two because I think it very important for his son. BUT...

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Possible change in the future

This is my BF’s weekend to have his daughter, anyway, he says to me this morning that she is going to spend the night at her BM because her cousins (girls) are spending the night. He goes on to say that the reason for this is the cousin’s dad is interviewing for a job in another state.

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Need some advice

Hello ladies its been a little while since my last post...I have a bit of an issue...I don't know about you all but everytime my husbands ex calls I get sick to my stomach...its a nervous feeling really...not because shes calling but because I know that my husband and I will get into a fight and not talk for a couple of days...

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Need advice on telling SD about unknown Bio Father

This is sort of complicated, so bear with me. My BF's ex-wife was unfaithful during their marriage and became pregnant with another man's child. My BF did not discover this was not his biological child until two years after the child was born. Because of this and other issues a divorce shortly followed. My BF has continued to accept the daughter as his own. Recently the bio father has tracked down my BF's ex-wife and has expressed interest in meeting/contacting the daughter (who is now 6). From what we know, the bio father could ask/demand parental rights, if he chooses to.

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Coounselling update....

Well...we had our joint counselling session yesterday. We discovered how some of our previous relationship "baggage" affects how we argue...and how things escalate..from there

We feed off each others reactions ...

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Why Am I Always The Bad Guy??

Am 45, English guy, living with my French partner in Spain. SD is Spanish, from Spanish BIODAD. He is a loser but SD worships him..her does zip for her. SD is 17 and ALWAYS angry, and always shouting and saying how she hates the home, her mom, me.. and has been so bold as to state she has an aim to split us up! BIOMOM hates to confront, but I think she (SD) needs some discipline.

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She never ceases to amaze me!

This morning BM came to drop SD (4) off for the afternoon. I could hear SD crying and BM screaming at her before they even got to my door. I opened the door and BM SCREAMS "Get to your F***ing room now".

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Losing Battle with SD

I feel like I cannot win with my SD. This child is 10 years old and every time I say something to her she back talks to me. If she does not get her way, she will throw a fit and cry, scream and throw things and make everyone’s life terrible. We have been going through this for three years now, and full time for me since my husband took his new job and I have to pull all the weight with raising my SD. Her mother lives 4 blocks away and wants little or nothing to do with her daughter and when told about what is going on she says she has had to put up with enough @#$^ today and does not want to hear it then hangs up.

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I Really Need a Vacation from Biomom's Problems

We found out last night that biomom has LOST her CS check for Sept. Now we may have to stop payment on it! My husband called her last night and she asked him if it was cashed! Hello, she didn't know if she cashed it or not!!! What kind of crap is that? Did she think that her ex-boyfriend cashed it?

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Should I tell her?

BF, SS, and I had another of our talks the other day, again at biomom's request. She's developed a habit of calling 3 or 4 times each day SS is with us. She didn't used to call as much but recently it's almost every few hours. One particular time she was on the phone with SS for quite some time encouraging him to have a talk with us. We heard her coaching SS on what to say to us because we had her on speakerphone. She told him to tell me that he didn't like me and didn't want me to be a part of his life. She tried to sound sweet and caring for her son but it ended up just sounding bitter and bossy. We could tell he was very annoyed and upset about the things that she was saying. She talked how upset it must have made him for me to get him food that morning and told him to mention that to me, amongst several other things. She talked on and on for about half an hour about the things she wanted him to say to us that day.