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Weekend away update.

I was wrong about how the order reads regarding vacation. The "one month" notice is about who gets what uninterrupted week for summer vacation only. The paragraph on vacation reads as follows: "Defendant/Plaintiff must provide an itinerary as to where minor children will be staying if taken out of state on a vacation." That is all it says, so at least she can't pull the "I didn't get adequate notice" card.

Still undecided if he will provide itinerary when we are in route or beforehand.

Another good thing is Monday is a holiday, so no need to rush back to have them home on time Sunday. That just makes life so much easier.

I just really need these couple days away from the office and from my home (I get such bad cabin fever during the winter months) ... even if we are bringing the skids, I am breaking away for a few hours to shop for MEEE. He can be the responsible dad, I am having cocktails with my dinner. And maybe lunch. Breakfast too.

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is he sure monday is a school

is he sure monday is a school holiday?
its typically not in my area.

but he should notify VIA email the address where skids will be when you guys walk out the door.
and if you have an iphone you can set people on do not disturb and then you will see when/if BM calls but the ringing/buzzing phone will never be heard/felt.

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He really should give her the

He really should give her the heads up, its the right thing to do, regardless of if BM is going to pitch a fit. For him and his recovery it's the best thing to do.

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He should let her know where

He should let her know where you guys are going. However, he can do that at a later date.(As you're pulling out of the drive way is a great time)

What time is he scheduled to return the kids on Sunday? Just because school is out on Monday, doesn't mean he isn't required to follow the CO in regards to drop off.

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CO states if Monday is a

CO states if Monday is a holiday (and the school does close, I checked the calendar) he drops off Monday @ 5 PM instead of Sunday.

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So you guys are all set.

So you guys are all set. Just send her a text or email with the info when you're pulling off. Then turn off the phone and enjoy the trip.

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Shoot her an email "we will

Shoot her an email "we will be in *fancy city* from 2pm today until 6pm the next day. We will be returning home by 3pm Monday. The kids will be available via my cell phone between 7&9 pm each evening. Have a nice weekend!"

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give BM a false itinerary...

Evil give BM a false itinerary... if she demands one...

visit some strange expensive place lol.....

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