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Anyone get a divorce because of stepkids?

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I’m about to divorce my husband because I can’t except them in my life and I would rather leave him now than getting blamed on later in life of anything bad happened to his kids.

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On the list of why you are getting a divorce should also be included he is a cheating jackass.

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I’m thinking about buying or renting a smaller house for the stepkids so may be we can make the marriage work? I don’t know.... 

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My husband is seeking for full custody of the kids... so it will be a full time thing which is impossible for me to even work with that... we are still paying $2000 child support until he takes her back to court....

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Thats solely on him... you’re just one of many stepparents guilted into forking money for skids when the own bio parents aren’t capable of contributing or paying it

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He either sends his kids to foster care or brings them to live with all of you -- that's not much of a choice for him or you.

Send his kids to boarding school. Problem solved.

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I think it’s a troll I refuse to believe it’s a real person. It’s come on... are you fucking serious? Poor your children. Are you gonna rent a place for everyone who will poison your child? Maybe rent his baby mama who he was cheating with a place too? I don’t even have symphathy for you anymore you’re just cray cray 

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Be careful you may be tossed off site for calling someone a troll. As much as I disagree with being silenced...admin has rules we have to follow.

Just be careful, ok?

We used to call people who we thought were fake/trolls.."CREW"..we were banned from using that word.

IF we cant call out trolls/fake---I SURE as heck hope admin reported this person for knowing a 16 year old is dating a 23 year old. Let authorities figure out if 16 year old is in jeopardy.

Just saying...

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Ok...lets make this very easy for you.

The plus is you do not have bio children with this man, correct?

You made a mistake..get divorced and put this behind you.

Stop trying to put the square peg into the round hole. It never ever fits.

Dont look back, dont go back. Dont make the same mistake twice.

Your making this very difficult...dont.

JMO of course.

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Thank you. Yes we do have two kids together so it make it way harder........ we have a  2 year old boy and a newborn girl. The 2 year old boy is the one get poisoned by my DH’a 12 year old daughter and he’s afraid of her cause she was bullying him the whole time when she lived with us until CPS get involved cause the SD was telling one of her friends what she did and the mom called COs and told them what she heard...

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I also don’t understand why some people said I’m making up stories... come on... what is that going to do for me??!! Make me famous with a web name???!!! I’m just here sharing my stories with the people what having the same issues and I’m so grateful and glad I did. You have friends and family but strangers give you the most honestly opinions cause they don’t personally know you and your family. And people like us need to share and improve and vent! Understand?! If you don’t like it don’t read my post.

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In the process now.  My oldest stepdaughter was/is terrible person.  STBXW made excuses and rationalized her behavior and refused to acknowledge it.  

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What proof do you have the husbands kid was poisoning your kids?

1. This is what a court could call a safety concern. Keeping you and your bios away from harm IS THE MOST important issue here for you. Your husband has a double edge sword he must deal with.

You take care of you and the bios---file Protection orders for you and your kids.

again this is not that hard....focus, on you and your bios by  protecting everyone at the same time.


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Many people divorce after entering into blended family marriages.  Though I would say that those divorces are more about the idiot parent that brings the Skid to the relationship than it is the Skid.  Toxic or not, kids tend to be products of the parenting of their parents than inherently toxic on their own..


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My husband already moved out with those toxic kids and they got a place for two months... my son doesn’t get to see his dad anymore, my family is falling apart completely. Maybe it is time for me to move on.