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The Therapist

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Once again Stink (SS17) drove me to the therapist. She said she that I am processing this in a much better way that I was last year. I do think I am...but I still want to choke the kid.

She told some things that were pretty intersting about him. She told me that the behaviors I spoke about are not Aspberger's related....I'm glad. I know he plays us, Dh falls for the tears. I want to smack him every time he cries.....I am soooo sick of it.

The therapist did say she is concerned with some of the things I told her. When I drag DH to her, he talked about how Stink claimed he heard me talking about his mother all the time. DH thought this was totally off the wall because we don't ralk about her. According to the kid I sit in front of my computer talking about her, he hears in his bedroom (he always has the door and it's on the other side of the house). Last week he was claiming that I tell the puppy to do bad things to him. She is concerned with this because of his mother's and her family mental health history. The problem is we don't know if he really "heard" this or if he is making this up. She said, if he isn't making it could be the beginning of something serious. She just wants be to make a note if these statements start happening on a regular basis.

She also told me, when she did the one-on-ones with him, he acted exactly how I explain his behavior. She said in group he was a normal kid....normal....not an Aspie and not a helpless little turd. I Have always thought for years the kid was playing us.

I'm just got to work on remaining disengaged and I am goin got try to reamin disengaged even when he is acting like a jackass.

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So she told you these things but didn't tell them to you DH? Or she did tell him, and he just couldn't handle the truth?

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DH is has only seen her twice, once when I dragged him there and at one of the parents nights during group…..he refused to go to the second one. I started seeing her because I lost my parents 3 months apart and I became really depressed. When I was depressed, I didn’t give a shit about the kid or what he did but when the depression lifted I when back to being wired about the kid’s behavior. DH is so deep in denial about his son, even when he acknowledges the behavior he has a rational explanation why the kid is f’ed up….excuse me …..acting normal. He allowed Stink to go to the therapist to humor me…he thought I was f’ed for thinking the kid needs one. The therapist thinks DH needs therapy more than anyone in this house…..he just doesn’t see it. My friend, has known them since Stink was a baby….she said it was always this way……hopeless.